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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life Is Chasing the Waves Now....

It has been more than a week since I updated this blog, and to think I should have more free time because it is already my summer vacation. But then, the summer break bug caught up on me, and I had been lost in the summer lifestyle, that is of chasing the waves now.
Me, my Boogie Board and the Waves
There are different ways to ride the waves, the most popular one is surfing. Though I love to imagine myself surfing, but I still do not know how. For now, I enjoy riding the waves in 2 ways. One is through boogie boarding or bodyboarding. The other way is simply riding the waves freely, without any board. How? Just like boogie boarding, you position yourself to where the wave will break. As you see a wave swelling and approaching you, dive in and kick your feet toward the beach so that the wave propels you. 
Then, just simply feel the power of the wave pushing you along towards the shore. If you do not want to hit the sand, just make a turn by twisting your body either to the left or the right before the water level gets too shallow. Though of course, it is much faster to ride the waves with a boogie board than without one, but riding the waves freely without any board is just as fun as well.

Summer starts officially now, June 21st. What is your summer lifestyle? How do you mostly spend your summer days to enjoy the gifts from this season?

What I love most about summer is that I get to enjoy both hiking and the ocean. Though we have the ocean here in San Diego year round, but I wait for a more comfortable water temperature to enjoy feeling the power of the waves.


  1. That looks like so much fun, great pictures! In the summer, I like to work in the garden, growing vegetables.

  2. Looks so much fun, and a fantastic way to enjoy the waves! You must be a great swimmer..

  3. It must be thrilling to ride the waves! You're just awesome and talented in so many ways.

  4. You look wonderful, Betchai, and also like a fun thing to do. My summer so far is yelling at the kids :-( not to do this and not to do that..

  5. wooooooooooooooooow, surfing, sana makaranas din ako niyan minsan.....whoa....

  6. Oh wow, would love to join you, Beth! So much fun! Yay!

  7. aaahhhh your last photo is so contagious i am still smiling here and wishing it were summer again here! it is drizzling outside and i miss the fun of going to the beach, watching waves...

  8. I like to go to the beach when it is hot, as we don't have the nice high temps like you do in San Diego.


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