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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Firsts in Alaska

My First Wildflower Shot, along Seward Highway, Alaska
First Wildlife Shot in Alaska, along Seward Highway
First American Bald Eagle Shot, at Whittier, Alaska
These pictures explain my absence in blogosphere for a while. We flew to Alaska last July 12, and the pictures above were my first shots on our first full day in Alaska. On July 13, we drove from Anchorage to Seward via Seward Highway with a major detour in Whittier for Prince William Sound 6-hour glacier cruise. My first wildflower shot above was actually inspired by our first wildlife sighting. We saw a moose from the car, so we pulled over safely. However, the moose was too far from us, there was just no way for us to capture a good picture of it. How far is the moose? If you can spot the moose in the wildflower picture above, then, you will see the moose is just but a dot in the picture. In the third picture, it seemed like the bald eagle welcomed us to Whittier since as soon as we arrived there, my niece saw it, and we happily shoot away, though, I shoot this with my wide angle lens and did not have the time to change camera using a zoom lens. My niece however took very good eagle pictures showing major details. 
WE had a wonderful trip to Alaska, and slowly I will share the places and sights we enjoyed from our vacation. I shared in my other blog, The JOys of Simple Life, our first hike in Alaska. Usually we save the best for last, but in this case, our first hike in Alaska was the best highlight for me. Though I love everything we did, including a glacier hike, but the Icefield is such a sight to wonder that continues to blow my mind and inspires me to learn more about the history of our natural world. Earth is so beautiful!


  1. Oh Betchai, going to Alaska in the summer is such a great idea! At least, it's not frigidly cold, and you get to see beautiful things. I love the wild flower shot!

  2. lovely wildlife shots...thanks for taking us on this exquisite trip with u:-)))

  3. Alaska wildflowers and wildlife are so beautiful and wondrous through your eyes.

  4. Such exciting sightings, Beth! Exactly the stuff i wanna capture someday! :)

  5. That moose is fabulous. I have always wanted to see a moose. I have also always wanted to go to Alaska. You are fulfilling my bucket list for me.

  6. ahhhhhh am sure you will have a second, a third, a forth and so on trip to Alaska and in my wildest dreams i wish i could join you...love all of those shots...simply amazing as always my amazing friend :-)


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