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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Passion Fruit Flower

Red and Purple Passion Fruit Flower
One plant, one vine, two colors. One, color purple, the color believed to be giving a sense of peace of mind. Purple is considered to be a good color to use in meditation. The other color is red, associated with fiery heat and warmth. A color of intense passion, whether it be joy or anger. 
Purple Passion Fruit Flower
 Passion fruit flower is connected to torments and passions of Jesus on the cross, also known as Jesus flower. The first Spanish missionaries who saw this flowers named it so because the flower reminded them of  Jesus Christ's thorn wreath. You can read more about the passion fruit flower history in the article The Flower and The Fruit Of Passion.
Red Passion Fuit
 The two colors of passion fruit flower you see above where from the same vine. Can you tell the difference between the red and purple?
 One vine, two colors.....of the same passion fruit flower plant. Why would the young purple/bluish flower turn red?
Is it because as we age, peace of mind(purple) is stirred by negative passion (red), our obsessions wither us away?
"Passion is a positive obsession, obsession is a negative passion." - Paul Carvel


  1. Betchai, Wow!!! That red passion is extraordinary. What awesome shots, I love these.

  2. whew, this is one of the most thought provoking, eye catching, and joyful flower post ever wonderwoman...

  3. I agree with Zen.;) - Che

  4. hello dear! those are some breathtaking pictures! i adore the passion fruit flowers, but have never seen the red version in Europe! so I have lerned something new today-thanks so much:-)))

  5. This is one flower that I haven't seen around here in Michigan. They are gorgeous and fascinating. I love your thought and analysis of the passion fruit flower.

  6. interesting. i know the fruit but i don't know the reason why it is called as such. and most importantly, i didn't know how beautiful and amazing the flowers are.

  7. I love both of these colors, and the flower is so fascinating to see.

  8. Stunning photos and the butterfly neatly ended the showing. :-)

  9. The purple one is absolutely gorgeous. I am playing catch-up with your blogs. As usual I am always doing too much and I don't have a 8-5 job, but I do have too many kids!

  10. Gorgeous. I like spikes in fowers for some reason.

  11. Such good capture as always, Beth! The vibrance and clarity -simply amazing! :)

  12. I so love the look of this flower! Gorgeous photos, and great colors to see on a gray cold day!

  13. what a beautiful flower i know someone with a hole bunch of those on her little garden :)


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