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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Almost There

Breathe in.......I finally am done from Task 1 to Task 5 of my biggest credentialing requirement, not fully done yet, but the stressful writing part is completed. I finally see the light at the very end of a very long dark tunnel. I feel like shouting YEEEEEEEY!!!! It really pays to give up my biggest distraction.

So tonight, I feel like treating myself by not doing any technical writing, instead, I am here blogging :)

Also, another breathe in...I have 2 blogging opportunities to write right now for TJOSL, another yey. So, off I go to my other blog to get some blogging happine$$. Meanwhile, I am leaving you with this picture, pink (my favorite color) in the midst of yellow (color of happiness).

Many thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Las Vegas

Breathe in....the joy of traveling. Though we are not fond of casino nor try gambling, but we always end up in Las Vegas whenever we explore the natural beauty of the Southwest. For us, there is more to Las Vegas than the strip of casinos and hotels. For other tourists, Las Vegas is the start and end point of their Grand Circle Tour.
Las Vegas At Night
Grand Circle is a vast region of mind blowing desert landscapes. I have shared an example of an itinerary of a Grand Circle Tour here.

Joy and Not So Pain

Breathe In........simple joys that presently brings me to a high:
1. I have this new blog :) It will not focus only on outdoors, travel and hiking. Instead, this new blog will serve as my online journal of whatever crosses my mind. I will not only be sharing about the joys, but also about some of my challenges.  Breathing in simple joys in simple life....breathing out the challenges and the pain. My posts will be categorized under foods ( I love cooking and eating,  giving me the energy to go hiking, swimming, and boogie boarding ), lifestyle, travel, and my musings. :)

2. I am getting close to finish my credentialing requirements, it's such a big breathe in when I can say I am really done :)

3. Breathe in...you know....I look forward to more blogging happine$$, haha! It's just one of my simple joys of earning in my free time, earning from what I love doing when I am not working. I think it is the practical side of me enjoying blogging as a hobby. :)

Breathe Out...well, this is not so pain, but I recenly freed myself from the burden and stress of FB addiction. Now, I can say, I AM FREE!!!!! Shouldn't this be in the "breathe in" part? Especially since I quit last weekend, I had been overly productive. I had written 4 paid posts, had created this new blog, and most importantly, I am nearing completion of my PACT. I actually feel alot happier and freer now having no FB to distract me, but somehow, I put it in "breathe out" because I just put it out away from my life. Also, there is still that part of me missing the temporary joys of being there. I say, "temporary", for permanent is what you do and feel inside! Also, I can not link my posts here and in my other blog to my FB anymore which adds to more links for my site. But I guess, I have to work on my self discipline first, learn how not to spend so much time commenting here and there in FB, etc, before I will go back. I really need to spend my time wisely on the net even if it is called free time, for sadly, my free time most of the time is not really free :(

Anyway, some of the posts in this blog will be paid reviews since I love writing for something that I believe in, and I will take some opportunity to be compensated on those products that I will write about. Though some of the posts are compensated, but I will always see to it that all opinions and thoughts are 100% mine and convey what I truly believe in.

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