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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Using Snipping Tool

In my post, "Making Blog More Mobile Compatible", you will see there some images of my computer screen. One of the images have annotations in them.
Image from My Computer Screen Showing How To Make Our Blogs More Mobile Friendly
Before, I was too dependent on my camera whenever I wanted to capture portions of my computer screen! It was not easy! Thankfully, with the development of technology these days, I do not have to grab my camera whenever I wanted some computer screen shots. All I do is open Windows "Snipping Tool".

Snapshot of My Computer Screen Showing the Snipping Tool
The process is very easy!
     1. Open Snipping Tool.
     2. Drag the cursor to form a rectangle around the portion of the computer you want to take an image.
     3. If you want to annotate, use the pen ( to write ) and eraser which you can find in the top menu of the snipping tool.
Snapshot of My screen Using Snipping Tool ( click the image to enlarge)
snapshot shows the top referring URL's of this new blog.
4. Start annotating.
5. Save your work, it will be saved as JPEG.
I enjoy using snipping tool a lot, I use it with my students.

Using Snipping Tool With My Students
Whatever work my students practiced using the snipping tool, I save them and upload to our class site. That allows my students who missed the class to see what they have missed, and they can take down notes online. Also, the students in class who take longer time taking down notes or solving the problem will be able to see what others had done, and they can verify or compare their work with others.
But my use of snipping tool is not limited to my classroom nor to my blogging only. I actually use snipping tool to copy some of my old pictures in Friendster that I somehow lost the file, or it would take me forever to find my picture file. Since Friendster does not allow me to right click and copy and save my own pictures, I use snipping tool to capture my own images that are saved there!
To learn more how to use snipping tool, here is the link to Windows Snipping Tool Help Site.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Elephant Rock, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Me @ Elephant Rock
Does the arch in the picture look like an elephant to you? Anyway, Elephant Rock is very near the East Entrance of Valley of Fire State Park, in Overton, Nevada, about 1 hour away from Las Vegas. This natural formation is very accessible, in fact, one does not need to do long hiking since this rock is so close to the road, which you can see in the picture above. However, there is no parking next to this rock. Parking is East of this, but just a few steps away. 
From the other side of the rock, the elephant cannot be seen :)
There are many places to explore in Valley of Fire State Park, if you are vacationing in Las Vegas, this is one of the places you can easily explore. For more about Valley of Fire, please visit my post, The Valley of Fire Wave

Friday, May 13, 2011

Where are all my saved posts?

Breathe Out.....I am just a bit frustrated.....


1. I could not log on to blogger and I could not leave comments in blogger hosted sites.
2. I had a rough day at work.
3. James Durbin (American Idol) went home. I am so frustrated I do not think I will watch American Idol next week, breathe in.....breathe out. The season is over for me!

1. I am able to log on to blogger, but all my new saved posts in the drafts are gone, and the new comments and published posts in our blog The Salitype Society also is gone. Thankfully, I do not have saved posts in The Joys of Simple Life. Where are all my saved posts? Blogger, please bring all those hardwork back! I have probably 6 saved posts in this blog, and 6 in TSS blog.

Breathe in...... some relief today....
1. So far, am having a good day at work, thankfully, it's Friday.

Well, hoping more joys to come today.....that should include my saved posts be back!!!please....

Hope everyone has a good Friday and may you all have a good weekend tomorrow!