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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Home Sweet Home

 Sunrise from our Home Sweet Home
Take a peek at our simple home sweet home. As you enter our neighborhood, you will see house numbers in address plaques. Our house number says 11. 
We live on top of a hill, but actually, it is not really obvious that we do live on top of a hill :) unless you go to the back of our house, where you will realize we are on a little promontory overlooking this view. 
Rainbow Over Twin Peaks as Seen from the Back of our House
The hill that you see is Twin Peaks, and I can hike up to its summit from home! The first mile however when hiking to the peak of Twin Peaks from home is on our city street :( 
The First Mile of My Walk to Summit Twin Peaks (the hill that I see everyday )
 Sunrise at Twin Peaks, As seen from our Home Sweet Home
Walking on city streets can be boring, but thankfully, the golf courses in our neighborhood entertains me in my walk to Twin Peaks. In my walk to Twin Peaks, aside from the golf course, I pass by some houses where they use decorative lawn plaques to add beauty to their front lawn.
Golf Course in our neighborhood ( some of my early photos in San Diego taken by my then Canon Powershot )
Twin Peaks used to be my outdoor gym when I was still very new in our neighborhood. I was never afraid to go up its peak since it is right next to the hospital and church I go to and close enough to home. Whenever I am in its trail, I forget about civilization since the civilization becomes hidden in the canyon and slopes like magic. Getting away from civilization in a matter of minutes is one of the magic living in our simple home. Another magic is that there is no same morning. Since our bedroom faces East, we see sunrise everyday, that is if I remember to get up on time. Sometimes, the sky is orange, sometimes the sky is purple like this one which I took just this morning of January 14, 2012.

 Sunrise This Morning as seen from our Bedroom Window
Sometimes, the sun mixes with thick fog, which I truly love. 
 Sun and Fog as seen from our Bedroom Window
 Oftentimes, my hubby would tease me why travel to get sunrise pictures when we can enjoy this view right from our simple home. Of course, since we are both wanderers, we both would reply, "to see more of what nature has to offer!" Because we both are nature wanderers, we love our home just the way it is, not so huge, not so small.

 It does not require all our time to maintain our simple home allowing both of us to wander in nature and enjoy life more.
Year Round Blooming Fuschia, a very low maintenance plant
I changed our plants to low maintenance plants so that we can let nature take care of itself while we wander to explore more of nature around us, whether it be hiking in the nearby mountains or enjoying the healing power of the sea. 
Enjoying Spring Wildflowers Close to Home
Me and My Hubby Enjoying the Simple Joys in Simple Life
Here is a little slideshow of our home sweet home I made almost 7 years ago. The cactus you see in this video are still small, rest assured, they are gigantic right now :)


  1. Oh you do have the best view for sky watch! These are gorgeous colors, and beautiful photos..

  2. Beautiful photos, and fantastic video, Betchai..

    Can I live with you to just watch sunset and sunrise? They are absolutely incredible to see from your own home.

  3. simply breathtaking colours in your pictures, I can feel how glad you are to have lived those lovely moments captured in them...keep on enjoying and finding those beautiful details!
    +thanks for showing us where u live:-)

  4. you and Khai live in paradise indeed. and your cactus garden, it's so pretty. you did a good job.

  5. just can't get enough of your colorful life wonderwoman..and oh I would love to one sweet day visit you and watch the sunrise on your side of the earth...and yeah, explore San Diego the Betchai way :-)

  6. You are very fortunate to be living in one of the best places in CA !!!!

    Home sweet home indeed !



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