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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kokamo and Little Monroe, San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Gorilla love....mom love....baby love.....
Kokamo and One day old Baby Monroe, San Diego Zoo Safari Park
( at one day old, it seemed Kokamo was so intent in observing his mom's features and lovingly adoring his mom)
Mom Kokamo and One day old Baby Monroe
We were lucky enough to visit the San Diego Safari Park last June when baby Monroe was less than a day old, and was always carried by protective mom, Kokamo.

Being a member of San Diego Zoological Society, we have unlimited entry to San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, thus, we have seen little Monroe grow from one day old to 2 months old to 3 months old, and most recently, to 6 months old.
Mom Kokamo is still very protective of little Monroe, but she now gives little Monroe the chance to crawl, the chance to sit on his own, the chance to grow, and most of all, the chance to be an independent and caring father gorilla someday. 


  1. What a cute baby gorilla! They are fascinating to watch, don't they?

  2. very touching shots! greatly done...wish you a great new week...

  3. cutie. i so love the photos. so like humans in expression of their affections.

  4. I don't think I've ever seen pictures this good of a baby gorilla before. He's a cute little guy.

  5. awwww, this will touch every mom's heart. until now, i still over react about protecting Gian. para akong pusa o aso na bagong panganak, bigla na lang nangangagat pag nilapitan ang anak. scolded the nanny last night for leaving Gian in the bed alone. he's starting to crawl already, too dangerous!

  6. How heart warming. I don't remember which month we visited, it sure is such pure joy to see mom protecting the baby!

  7. they never fail to fascinate me every time I go to the zoo ! I can stay there for hours watching them do their tricks and moves.

    they are adorable !!!

  8. Oh, Betchai, these are just precious photos. What fantastic captures. I would LOVE to visit there one of these days. These shots are treasures.

  9. Such creatures never fail to fascinate visitors in zoo. I would love to pay a visit there. After dark


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