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Friday, May 25, 2012

Tomato and Mixed Vegetables Rice

Tomato and Mixed vegetables Rice
My mother in law gave us two huge bottles of tomato juice last holidays. Since I am not so fond of tomato juice, I thought of using the tomato juice for cooking instead since I love anything with tomatoes. This one has been a hit in our simple home so far. Though it means this dish has only been tasted by two persons, but we so enjoy having this that we mostly had tomato rice everyday :) Of course, just mixed with different vegetable.

Here is how I made the above tomato and mixed vegetables rice:
1. I cooked the rice with tomato juice in the rice cooker ( I mixed the tomato juice with water so that it won't be as thick and added a little salt and pepper for taste).
2. I marinated the tofu in soy sauce and lime juice, then, slightly pan fry it with olive oil. After slightly pan frying, I carefully removed the olive oil from the sides of tofu.
3. When the rice was cooked, I added the snap peas, sweet pepper and the tofu. I stirred them in the rice cooker to mix.

When serving, I added more vegetables, and the green one you see is yu choy.


  1. I don't like tomato juice either, but have some in the pantry. I will definitely try out this recipe, Betchai. Love vegetables!

  2. yumyum, great idea...I love rice, so I would like to try it too:-)))have a good new week!

  3. wow, looking so delicious and healthy!

  4. This looks delicious and healthy, rice with tofu and vegetables. I like it already !

  5. Oh that sounds so good, Betchai and something I can have. I'm definitely going to try this one. Thank you.

  6. Mond can never force me to drink tomato juice! Lol! I love anything with tomato sauce though. :)

  7. I think what you had was vegetable 'Biryani', not 'avani'. Now Google for Vegetable Biryani Recipe, you wil find hundreds of recipes.

  8. I love vegetables and this certainly looks tasty.

  9. This looks so delectable! I wanna try this one.(: thanks! i am into cooking so I would definitely try this! Can't wait to let my partner taste this (:


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