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Friday, January 6, 2012

Web Hosting

Guest Post by Jeff

Recently I started a small business. It was my first small business and I wanted to use a web site as my focal point in my marketing plan. When I started looking into how to develop a web site, learning all of the technical names, and how the processes worked, it appeared as if I made a complicated decision. A relative told me to look at the web hosting site .

 My first lesson was "Web hosting refers to the process of publishing a web site so that it is available to the world on the Web." This was exactly what I wanted to do in my marketing approach. They provided me with a large searchable database of web hosting plans with all their features, over 4000 user reviews, uptime monitoring of hundreds of web hosts, and educational web hosting guides. Plus they had a section of frequently asked questions and video tutorials that are very helpful. I read each question and watch video tutorials closely. The answers were clear and precise so it made my understanding of the information clear. This was a great step and the right direction for me. After the review I was starting to feel better about this process.

The next section I visited on this site was the quick start guide at this link: http://www.webhostingrating.com/quick.html. I followed the steps suggested, checked out the ratings and I am now moving forward. Yes it is a complicated decision, but Web Hosting Ratings has turned this into smooth transition with simple step-by-step instructions. Check out the user friendly web site for yourself and follow the links that lead you to the answers you need so you can experience the efficiency of this site like me.

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