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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who Is the Bravest?

Is it my cousin,
or these three guys,

or is it me?
Who is (or are) the bravest soul(s)? I may not win in the bravest pose, but maybe the funniest?  :)

Pictures were from Potato Chip Rock, Mt. Woodson, considered to be one of the top ten hikes in San Diego.


  1. hahaha! i remember you saying you look like you are planking. the 3 guys are obviously the bravest!

    hope you had a fantastic time celebrating the new year with Khai and your love ones. :)

  2. Ha..you are all brave souls to me! My stomach is stirring just looking at the photos :-)

  3. well you are all brave, but the bravest is one of those three guys, the one closest to the edge hehehe


  4. Everyone is brave! I feel the shivers seeing these photos!

  5. Wonderful photographs, fantastic view. I am greeting

  6. great post, I like your post, I would not been too brave either:-) have a lovely new week...


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