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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hats and Smiles

~ thanks to Zen aka kulasa for this post~

Imagine the world without babies and kids. I can not. The power of a baby's smile, a baby's simple cooing and sighing and even sneezing and pooing is beyond compare. They just snatch negative feelings such as tiredness, weariness, grumpiness in a snap...like magic! 

The thing is, they come into the world literally, cutely naked...and then there's "you" and of course "me" who could be the loving mom or dad, aunt or uncle, grandma, grand dad, godmother or father who only want the best for them. I could no longer count with my fingers the number of kiddos who were Christened in my presence, not to mention my nieces and nephews. They never fail to heal my aching muscles and weary eyes when they flash me those dazzling smiles. Each time I get the chance to visit or be visited by one of these fairies in magnificently small statures I make it a point to hand them something to use from me to keep their special powers. A baby hat is one of the coolest things to give these little angels. A hat could keep them looking and feeling fresh under the sometimes unavoidable heat while keeping them warm and dry when it rains or snows. Babyhat offers the cutest head gears for our precious little ones from newborn hats to toddler in various designs for all seasons. You may find your baby's first hat in their collections.

I could spend the entire day just listening to a baby giggle 'til he or she eventually laughs and talks...crawls to walks and runs...aaahhh in my imagination, they have wings and they could fly like angels....


  1. Zen, what can I say? the pictures are just lovely, you take happy faces of these little cute angels that surely bring happiness to our world, they are so cute. and super love your composition in the first picture. and that baby with the hat, super cute.

  2. Awwww,awesome post about babies Twinzy!

  3. I'm in agreement with your philosophy on babies! They are a joy, a blessing, and the most wonderful miracle in this world!

  4. babies are super duper cute that you can't resist of...they makes the world go easy too...


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