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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hiking Bulletin Boards

Lake Poway Bulletin
I love hiking bulletin boards! Wherever I may be, I always try to pay attention to what is written in bulletin boards. If I am in a new hiking trail, I would first look for the enclosed bulletin boards for the following information:
1. Mileage
2. Map
3. Trail Information
4. Emergency Contact Information
Emergency Phone Numbers to Call at El Capitan Open Space Reserve
My cell phone is probably filled with images of emergency contact numbers that are often found in enclosed cork bulletin boards or enclosed fabric bulletin boards. It is a lot faster for me to just take images of these important numbers than to write them down. It is important for us to get the emergency contact numbers because we never know what can happen in a trail! 
Me Planking near the summit of Mt. Woodson from Lake Poway
Though oftentimes my pictures would be mistaken as bordering danger, but reality is, we practice safety more than the average hikers in the trail. We do not mind carrying more weight as long as we have enough water, and some first aid. Though sometimes, I kind of laugh, since there are so much in our first aid kit that we have no experience using, but we rely on the instruction provided to us, and we hope we would never have a chance using at all. We just carry it for we never can tell what will happen in the trail. 


  1. i have a habit of taking photos of those bulletin boards at NParks here, Beth. very useful!

  2. aahhhh wonderwoman! now I really have to go find the perfect spot for my planking photo hehe, I pray here you never get the chance to really use your first aid kit...but the professional in me would want you to please take the time to learn how to use them hehehe, bulletin boards are indeed of great help...thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts once again....


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