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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Leader and The Follower, Both Having Fun

He is the leader.....she follows....
 He jumps.... she observes and learns how he jumps.....

 Then, she jumps following his lead....
 The follower has the responsibility to make the movement sync...
 While the leader has to be extra sensitive to listen to the motion of the follower behind him....the leader though may be in front but is behind thinking, listening, seeing, waiting...
so that together, they can have that perfect harmony!

"A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done." ~ Ralph Nader. 


  1. Hi there Betchai!Watching you and your simple joys never fail to make me smile...I am going to read your post on the anatomy of a jump in full detail when I get the chance haha to be able to do the perfect move!!!love yah!

  2. This is a truly young at heart action, which brings smile to my face this morning..Just so fun to see.

  3. Just when I needed something to make me smile :) Salamat, Ms. Betchai!

  4. Such beautiful scenery to give us such an insightful message.

  5. this is so refreshing. you took leadership concept to a fun and amusing level and yes, very effective.

  6. great images with the reflections!...and a perfect way to talk about leadership-bravo!

  7. another amazing photography.. love to see them all..

  8. I am smiling ear-to-ear here imagining you and Khai ! I love seeing people like you and Khai enjoying every minute you are together !

    Love you both !

  9. The pics look like they're walking on water! Galing ah :)

  10. Yes Just like Karen said, looks like they're walking on the water! How did you do it Betchai?

  11. how is that possible? is that water? amazing shot! you bring a smile to everyone's face. :)


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