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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mission Bay Sunset

Mission Bay is a saltwater bay or lagoon and is the largest mad-made aquatic park in the country. The Mission Bay Park consists of 4,235 acres. This park is popular for wake boarding, jet skiing, sailing, camping, cycling and jogging. 


  1. Oh, super love all the shots Betchai, there need no explanation....:-) whew I would love to go wake boarding, jet skiing, sailing, camping, cycling and jogging with you and the rest of the TSS sisters there...one sweet day....

  2. I love looking at yacht during sunset. Glad we have many Manila bay here too that I can enjoy sunset watching.

    Love all the photos esp the first one. Those birds seem happy. :)

  3. Beautiful scenery and skies. The first shot is my favorite. Happy Sunday!

  4. what a wonderful sceneries. so lovely. I love the 4th picture - a lovely place to go for a run.

  5. what a lovely scenery... i love the sunset look like it was taken by a professional..oh way you are a pro!!!...thanks for sharing this amazing photos..keep it up...happy sunday

  6. i second kulasa, one sweet day....

  7. These are gorgeous photos, Betchai! I like them all for each is special.

  8. A beautiful variety of pictures, and I always enjoy seeing the boats.

  9. What a very pretty area to visit, and enjoy! So much beauty in each picture!

  10. They are all so fabulous. Loved the light and the beauty of nature.
    Great pics. Thanks for sharing:)


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