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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sports Fan

 Guest Post by ECDLJ

My husband is a basketball fan along with several of our neighbors.  We have a close neighborhood where we all get along, share time together, and my husband and his friends place small bets on many subjects.  He loves both National Basketball Association (NBA) and college football.  Primarily his overall favorite is the NBA.  I don't know anything about basketball except it makes my husband yell at the TV, during the season it is all he talks about with his friends, and it makes his friends visit more. When the basketball season ends his friends do not come around as much, and it allows me to get some chores done hehehe.  Because of his enthusiasm about the game of basketball our entire family participates with him.  My daughter knows more about the game than any of us--other than my husband who spent countless hours coaching her.  If the truth be known he loves it when she makes his favorite snacks to eat while watching the game together--and his friends.  Basketball in our family is a lot of fun and really brings everyone together.

Every year since he was a toddler--well maybe and adolescent--he has "friendly wagered" bet on games with his friends.  Throughout the season my husband and his friends make small wagers or bets between each other on each "special" weekend game.  I love the small wagers and spend time watching the games unfold over who is winning and of course who is losing. One bet this year he lost and had to mow his friends lawn while the winning friend sipped on fresh lemonade the entire time. A few weeks ago the same friend lost and my husband won so his friend pruned our rose garden while my husband enjoyed the hot tub. It has always been fun to see them discuss their bets, discuss the office pools, and watch both winners and losers lament over their outcomes.  This year the men are going to pool their money and bet with sports betting online.  They have never bet online before so they researched and found a sports betting website that explains sports betting online, ranks the best companies to use, and discusses the betting industry terminology.   I watched in amazement as these men read the sportsbook reviews.  It was fun watching them shop for the best sportsbook to place their bets.  Now, if I can get him to be this focused on some "during the NBA season" chores--well maybe my fantasy is not a good bet.

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