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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

     It's been so long. I miss talking to you. I miss the way you'd laugh when I'd say for supper is your favorite fish and vegetables..and the way you would pretend to be glad when I'd say it is chicken, my favorite. And how can I not love the way you'd say WOW with the energy of a 5 year old kid when I'd announce dinner is sauted "monggo," the all time family favorite. We have this funny relationship of being each other's number one fan at the same time number one critic. Remember that time you taught me how to sing one of Karen Carpenter's songs? You wrote the lyrics on a chalk board and line per line you sang them for me patiently waiting for a right note to come from my lungs or wherever it is supposed to come from and ended up frustrated haha. And then there's Mathematics we would argue about. You being the ultimate genius in numbers would show me multiple possible solutions leading to the same answer and me being the dumbest when it comes to numbers would say "that isn't what my teacher told me". ...and you would end up saying "just copy what I wrote and I'll talk to your mentor in school if she says that is wrong." Now there's the ocean we both love! On weekends you'd take us fishing and I'd watch the sun go down as you held your fish net with the concentration of a cat.
      Hey, too many things have changed since you took that flight. I'm already staying in a house upon a hill. Your van is still running. Your youngest grandson actively talks and runs around now and guess what? Mom already got to disneyland.
Remember that time she asked you to make a mailbox? Gosh it took you around a week to fulfill mom's specifications hahaha. You loved her to the end of the world and her wish was your command but know what, the mailbox you made was never her liking though she pretended hard it was so as not to break your heart hahaha. But that is just the way love is, right? Making each other feel they are the best even though the world might not agree. Lucky for us, there is now this website that offers mailboxes of all sizes, styles, color, finish and material.

     Streetside, wall mount, monogrammed..name it, they have it! Whitehall mailboxes are available at WhitehallMailboxesDirect.com an organization that stands behind their products and services and sells whitehall products at prices always on sale; huge selection of differrent styles; with expert customer service to assist you and what more there is free shipping on all whitehall mailboxes. So what do you think dad? Shall I click order on line now and surprise mom with a box from us? You and me, you being now just a memory and me..the gift of a lifetime that you left her when you went to a destination far away up there in the clouds....

where letters are sent for free each time we clasp our hands in prayer....

lovingly yours,


  1. i remember writing my papa a letter and it made me and my siblings cry and cry... ahhhh, how i miss him!
    i love those mailboxes! very nostalgic.

  2. The memories of your dad will keep him close in your heart!

  3. i believe your letter has been sent to your dad Zen up there in the clouds and he did not see only the beautiful pictures here but also your loving thoughts. thanks Zen.

  4. The biggest frustration has been that you never get paid. You get teased with promises of huge profits.... then you receive nothing.

  5. So happy to see your mom in Disneyland and I am thinking that your dad must be very happy seeing her having a great time !

    You just made me cry after reading this letter to your dad. I know you miss him and I am sure he misses you too.

  6. what a fantastic way to remember/talk to loved ones!
    I am sure he read it and he is so proud to have u...xoxo

  7. My Dad used to make things for Mom. Nothing says love more than something homemade.


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