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Monday, March 5, 2012

Unity, a trademark of true Friendship and Branders.com

~Thanks to Zen of November Letters for this Post~
Last month, I attended my high school grand alumni homecoming. Meeting old friends always gives me a high. It is like eating my first ice cream as a child, putting on my first wristwatch, or getting that first glance from a crush. How we have all grown all too soon and formed families of our own is a story that takes more than a day to tell and share and definitely a tale I could listen to for days minus the exaggeration. Why? Because a true friend is a sister or a brother worth more than a while. 
 I had a wonderful time listening to my entrepreneur former classmates as they talked about their business ventures non stop. While most of my friends are employed, not a few are into food trade, party organizing, collectible items selling as well as clothing industry. It is amazing knowing that what we used to dismiss and laugh about, the long and tiring calculations done in the classroom are applied in real life.
 As alumni jubilarians we were given free items like bags and umbrella.
 We danced until it was dark and sang to our hearts' delight wearing shirts of the same print and color. I can not put into words the happiness one feels holding hands with one's best friends for life. And as we got together again the other week I shared to them a company I found on line that could make our yearly gatherings more lively. Branders.com the world's largest online seller of promotional items & corporate gifts which offers Branders.com for business or events is just the site perfect for our next reunion. We could order giveaways for the event as well as promo products for their personal businesses.

Promotional bags and shirts definitely are a hit during school gatherings as each batch showcases their talents on stage.
Our batch mate business hype girls could easily have their company logo printed on a side of the t-shirts or on other apparels, bags, totes, business supplies, caps and hats, mugs and drinkware, pens, sport and outdoors etc. which everyone totally loves and could be easily customized with our photos and names in it, ordered on line in just a few minutes and then shipped to our doorsteps at a low price at a very short period of time satisfaction guaranteed. What more, they even have free samples! Now for some of our friends based in other countries they could organize another gathering at a time of their convenience and visit great places like the favorite spots of my wonderwoman friend Angels Landing and Potato chip rock. Whew, I wish I could join them there too! and share priceless moments of friendship and unity wearing alike shirts, caps and drinking from twin mugs and writing notes with personalized pens only from branders.com.

Time is a precious possession which we should share in unity with friends helping them progress in life through their ventures. We could go on telling everyone about this site that not only promotes products but builds and strengthens friendships.


  1. love those promotional umbrellas Zen, love anything promotional that are freebies :) and most of all, love the joyful post here. glad to see you having fun with your high school classmates.

  2. My college doesn't give such promotional stuff like a college Tee and bags and umbrellas.. wow.. a great way to remember the past. the b'ful life of college :) hehe. enjoy

  3. the blue and pink color combo of the sand clock is so pretty. it it so you and Beth. :)
    hmmmn, i love anything promotional too. have i told you i'm a cheapskate? ;)

  4. Sounds like a fun, and wonderful reunion! Everyone looks happy and the photos are fantastic.

  5. What a fun reunion! Time does go by quickly and so it is great to get together with old friends and classmates.


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