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Friday, April 20, 2012

From Car Rental to Car Shopping

No, it's not yet the time of the year to get another car. I was window shopping online for cars.
Our Trusted Partner on Road Trips, Honda Pilot, @ Alabama Hills, Eastern Sierra, CA

I actually was looking for rental car at Salt Lake City, Utah. Of course, if possible, whenever we rent a car, we wanted something that we are more familiar with, like a Honda Pilot. The Honda Pilot is our "road trip" car whenever we explore places, because it can go from paved roads to unpaved roads to off road,

Cruising Unpaved Roads @ Monument Valley, Utah
or even to icy roads without problems for us.
Cruising On Icy Roads, Mt. Laguna, San Diego County, CA

However, while looking for the best deal for a Honda Pilot car rental in Salt Lake City, UT, I came across a website, http://www.shop4usedcars.com/, which seems fun to get lost for a while. The website is a great source for both new and used cars. What I like most about the site is that it is easy to search for cars by make, by model, by year, by price, and by mileage. They have different dealers from across the nation. Actually, I came across Ken Garff Honda Downtown, in Salt Lake City, UT 84111, when I was browsing online for Honda Pilot in Salt Lake City. The cars they have at Ken Garff are reasonably priced, and the used cars look like almost brand new. They also have luxury car dealers, such as Ken Gaff Porsche, in Orem, UT 84058. 
photo from Ken Gaff Porsche, Orem, Utah
Now, if in case we will be shopping for a car later, when it is time to replace our Honda and BMW, 
our trusted partner in city and extremely windy road driving
I sure have saved here today one of the sites which is a great source for cars. 

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  1. hi there Betchai! now this reminds me of my long overdue plan to learn how to drive haha, pssstt going back to Baguio tomorrow to tour the kiddos again and to buy them school items, happy weekend!


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