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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mission Bay Sunset

Mission Bay is a saltwater bay or lagoon and is the largest mad-made aquatic park in the country. The Mission Bay Park consists of 4,235 acres. This park is popular for wake boarding, jet skiing, sailing, camping, cycling and jogging. 

Keeping Them Safe and Neat

Image of high quality lockers from LockerIxchange
Aren't those lockers above very impressive? I came across LockerIxchange website, which is a market place for commercial lockers while trying to search for some high quality school lockers. I only have open filing racks in my classroom, which I use for my students textbooks, workbooks and display of some projects. However, I have no locker to place my purse, laptop, iPad, among others. I applied for lockers in our school's wish list, and I got approved. Thus today starts my locker shopping online. My search for locker stores websites led me to LockerIxchange which brings the widest selection of residential and commercial lockers. Since I do not really need huge system of lockers, I am glad to find smaller lockers for sale that would be perfect for my classroom. I can keep my more valuable things, and some important papers safe and neatly arranged in the locker.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hiking Bulletin Boards

Lake Poway Bulletin
I love hiking bulletin boards! Wherever I may be, I always try to pay attention to what is written in bulletin boards. If I am in a new hiking trail, I would first look for the enclosed bulletin boards for the following information:
1. Mileage
2. Map
3. Trail Information
4. Emergency Contact Information
Emergency Phone Numbers to Call at El Capitan Open Space Reserve
My cell phone is probably filled with images of emergency contact numbers that are often found in enclosed cork bulletin boards or enclosed fabric bulletin boards. It is a lot faster for me to just take images of these important numbers than to write them down. It is important for us to get the emergency contact numbers because we never know what can happen in a trail! 
Me Planking near the summit of Mt. Woodson from Lake Poway
Though oftentimes my pictures would be mistaken as bordering danger, but reality is, we practice safety more than the average hikers in the trail. We do not mind carrying more weight as long as we have enough water, and some first aid. Though sometimes, I kind of laugh, since there are so much in our first aid kit that we have no experience using, but we rely on the instruction provided to us, and we hope we would never have a chance using at all. We just carry it for we never can tell what will happen in the trail. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Change of Scenery

It looks so quiet and peaceful here, except for the birds flying around in air, gliding with the wind.

Right after presentation last Wednesday, instead of taking a walk at the beach, where we usually would go, we decided to instead take a walk at the Bay. My after school training is sandwiched by the ocean and the bay, and if the beach area has more people enjoying the walk on sand or biking and skating on the boardwalk, the bay on the other hand seems to be abandoned. With so many places to go in San Diego, there are some places that are least visited than others. I must admit I am one of those many people who would always snob the bay, the reason is that why chose the bay when I could not hear the soothing sound of the waves and not see the sun disappearing at the horizon, and the ocean is just right next to it? I am glad however that last Wednesday, I chose to have a change of scenery and discovered this quiet nook in Mission Bay.  

Another cool thing I discovered about this place is that the public restroom does not look like public but more like an upscale shopping mall restroom. Users have a choice between paper towel that are electronically dispensed and hand dryers. Unlike most public restrooms at the beach where the hand dryers look old, here, I was surprised to see ultra modern electric hand dryers and more hygienic looking dyson hand dryers.  

I am really glad to have discovered this place ( and to think that this is not far from my school's backyard). Though I most probably would still hang around at the beach more often, but I am glad to know this place where I can go to when I need a more quiet break from school. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

of Gardens, Arbors and dreams...

~ thanks to fellow TSS sister, Zen, for this post ~
They always say that the home is where the heart is. I wouldn't of course say otherwise. I would just love to add that "when one is home one is on a lifetime vacation". What could be better than that? Staying home and having the best of what mother earth could offer. To avail of such a grand break of course one has to do his part. "A place left unkempt turns into a jungle," my husband would always say. Yep, he does most of the digging and planting at our home at the foot of the hills while I do the watering and mmmm well yeah, picture-taking. 
Sunrise viewed from our front lawn.

my sunlight kissed yellow-bells

yellow-orange petals I recently grew from an uncle's garden

my son Roel running to me taking shots of a wild flower at the yard
The hubby and I would often talk by the porch and dream of our days together when the kids are all grown with families of their own.
We have a long way to go before retirement but it is our favorite topic of conversation for some reason. He would say he'd probably spend each day of his retirement fixing things around the house. I would quip I would probably be cross-stitching and still taking pictures and writing. We'd laugh at the part where I'd say I'd go ballroom dancing with a cute, young handsome dance instructor and he'd be all red and jealous. The other day he came home with new tree seedlings and I said those would be awesome for my new garden plan. Since we're both dreaming of that perfect retirement place I suggested we check out yardArbors.com. They have everything I am envisioning for our lawn like wooden arbors. They offer free shipping of beautiful arbors at low prices with a variety of styles sold with great assistance from their staff. They have been of service since 2004 and promote products of high quality. We love holding the kids' birthday parties at home and their garden arbors are definitely lovely sights for all our guests to enjoy. This one in particular look so perfect with my roses. 

my pink roses
Their vinyl arbors are so perfect for pathways. I could see myself with a walking stick beside the would be then walking stick aided too hubby arguing about whether our dog is pregnant or not.

our only female family dog, Meijo
And yep, grandchildren! It would be such a joy to have kids running around the house with their laughter filling the air...aaahhhh I must wake up and go water the plants before they wilt and take away my dreams...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hats and Smiles

~ thanks to Zen aka kulasa for this post~

Imagine the world without babies and kids. I can not. The power of a baby's smile, a baby's simple cooing and sighing and even sneezing and pooing is beyond compare. They just snatch negative feelings such as tiredness, weariness, grumpiness in a snap...like magic! 

The thing is, they come into the world literally, cutely naked...and then there's "you" and of course "me" who could be the loving mom or dad, aunt or uncle, grandma, grand dad, godmother or father who only want the best for them. I could no longer count with my fingers the number of kiddos who were Christened in my presence, not to mention my nieces and nephews. They never fail to heal my aching muscles and weary eyes when they flash me those dazzling smiles. Each time I get the chance to visit or be visited by one of these fairies in magnificently small statures I make it a point to hand them something to use from me to keep their special powers. A baby hat is one of the coolest things to give these little angels. A hat could keep them looking and feeling fresh under the sometimes unavoidable heat while keeping them warm and dry when it rains or snows. Babyhat offers the cutest head gears for our precious little ones from newborn hats to toddler in various designs for all seasons. You may find your baby's first hat in their collections.

I could spend the entire day just listening to a baby giggle 'til he or she eventually laughs and talks...crawls to walks and runs...aaahhh in my imagination, they have wings and they could fly like angels....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Power of Glacier Calving

Aialik Glacier Calving
One of the experiences that kept on haunting me despite almost 2 weeks that had passed is glacier calving, hearing the booming sound that started from a soft crackle to ten times or more the sound of a thunder and seeing pieces of ice fall from a glacier and how it seemed to have brought joy to wildlife simply caught me in silence watching and gazing at the power of nature, how sometimes the unforgiving forces of nature we see as destruction instead of cleansing that supports natural cycle of creation. To read more about my post on Aialik glacier calving, you can go to my site here. Below is a video of calving taken by my friend. 



Oleander Blossom in Rain
We had been blessed by rainy days the past week which had awakened again my motivation to plant more. Because our little yard had been so filled with plants already, and have been generous giving us the blooms,
 Jade Plant in Bloom
Pink Rose in Bloom
I had been planting in pots instead. I had several trips to Home Depot already buying potting soil and pots since I just could not get enough planting! Gardening is so therapeutic especially you see the miracle that you have planted. From mere branches, they grow, they multiply, and bloom! Now, around the house, you will see so many plants lined up! I am almost running out of space. I already have extended my gardening in our slightly broken dish plates turning them into dish garden for inside the house.
my indoor garden using broken dish plates :)
However, I am slowly running out of space inside the house too. Now, I am thinking of extending my gardening to window boxes. Thankfully, I have so many designs of garden window boxes to look from. 
window flower boxes from Window Box Planters
Now, I can't wait to get some window box planters and more potting soil to do more garden designing in window boxes after hiking. Life is just so good, it blooms wonderfully, just as our plants.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Taste of Heaven

Who does not like chocolate

One of the most priceless moments during our Valentine date was the moment I got in the car right after school, my hubby gave me chocolate wrapped in pink! Two of my most favorite things, chocolate, and pink! Imagine my heart jumping for joy in seeing these two simple but very delightful things, one is the color of quiet beauty, caring, tenderness, and universal love. Another one has a taste of heaven, which melts right in your mouth but sends the sense of pleasure to your heart. 

We thought we would have a rainy Valentine date walk on the beach. But nature cooperated with the desires of our heart, it stopped the rain momentarily, allowing us a time to enjoy a lovely walk on the beach and watch one of the greatest shows on Earth unfolds as the colors of the sky changes from enjoyment and happiness (golden yellow ) to soft colors of tranquility (blue), and of tenderness and care (pink ).
(all pictures above were from La Jolla, in San Diego, CA)
Why sunset probably always invite anyone to stop and enjoy its show, because it invites one to relax, to enjoy the quietness and stillness of the heart, because in the silence, you hear the loudest beating of your heart, which is LOVE!

And love, is meant to be celebrated everyday. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birds In Flight

Sea Gulls in Flight, La Jolla Shores, San Diego, CA

College Time

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder

Being in college was SO much fun but now that I’m out in the real world looking for a job I really miss some of the things I took for granted back then. Of course I miss the obvious stuff like sleeping late and the free student gym and all the partying but what I actually miss the most is the opportunity to learn all the time. I just love learning and now that I’m not in school anymore I really miss classes and lectures and all that business. I don’t know, maybe it’s because the job market is so bad and now I’ve got to think about adult things like taxes and Direct Energy and getting my oil changed, but I really do wish sometimes that I’d gone back to grad school instead of trying to get to the real world sooner. There’s something to be said for taking the easy way out and I sure wish I had thought it through a little bit more before I decided on the “real world.”

Friday, February 17, 2012

Learn How To Give

Red is Love
Learn how to give....just because relationships should not expect anything in return therefore we get too busy with our world that we forget to give even the simplest gesture of love, a smile, a hug, or a few minutes of our time sharing comforting and/or inspiring words. Though we give because we love and don't expect anything back, but happiness is present in both giving and receiving. Relationships are two-way streets, even though the giving should not always be reciprocated the same way for it would end up like an exchange gift and the giving lost its meaning. What fuels relationship is the two way communication, both the giving and the receiving, the same way we keep on praying, for it is our time to give to God in prayers. We can never matched God's gifts to us, but we also do not stop ourselves from giving to Him our love. In prayers, we  talk to Him, we thank Him, for all the wonderful things He sent our way, for all the LOVE we receive from Him. We are never too busy to reach out to Him. When we receive, our heart sings for joy because we are loved. Because we know how a simple gift of smile, a simple gift of being remembered can make our hearts sing, we learn to give these simple and priceless happiness as well.

How many relationships have ended because of apathy? If you love the person, if you care, it's worth to give, even just a little "hi" or a little "smile" or a few words of "care and being remembered".....they bring miracle in any relationships. Relationships don't end always for no reason. Sometimes we are just too blind, too busy, too absorbed in ourselves to see the reason: that we have stopped giving and caring, because we take for granted these simplest happy things. Fire up every relationship that you care with sincere gesture of love and care, don't let it waste away through apathy.

Let the spirit of love always live in our hearts, forever, not just on Valentine's day. Happy Valentine's, everyone.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Jade ( Crassula Ovata ) Blossoms drenched in Rain
I love rain, maybe I am one of the few people on Earth who jumps for joy when it rains! When I was still a child, I would always wish for rain! When rain poured, we would run outside to feel its power and dance in the rain! Rain has that comforting power of washing away whatever ill feeling I had as a child, and now, whatever stress I may have as an adult.

One of my favorite things to do when I was a child was to stand right below a hanging rain drainage! It felt like a forceful shower is cleaning away all in me. Both the sound and the feel of rain is calming and relaxing. I love rain, and I love sun too! I love both of them because I know we need both to have lush greens and beautiful gardens. In some of our natural parks, I see huge rain chains where it guides rain water down to a basin collecting the water. 
copper rain chain from rainchainlink.com
I am inspired with the design that now, I am thinking of looking for some garden rain chains to collect the precious water whenever we have rain. Not only are they decorative, they also serve a great purpose of collecting water which we can use for watering the plants during the dry period. 

Taking Action

Yellow Aloes in Bloom
I recently attended a talk sponsored by our employer on financial planning giving us insights into the many ways we can avail of the benefits provided to us, and how we can take control of our life, steering it towards financial independence, and be financially stress free and not worry about retirement. The numbers were not very inspiring for me seeing that less than 1% of the residents in US can afford retirement without having to work, and less than 1% have savings. And a lot of the people in this country, where citizens of other countries look up to as "rich" are actually heavy in debt. There are so many ways people in this country can be heavy in debt because borrowing money is easy, and a lot fell into the fantasy of living a lifestyle that they can not really afford, thus, may end up still not paying their house when they are in 70s and thus still have to work very hard even at old age. It is not very surprising in this country to see a high level doctor file for bankruptcy because of mismanaged fund. It is not surprising to know a high earning white collared professional seeking some Credit Repair. There are a number of reasons that can cause people to have bad credit history such as unpaid debts, collections, bankruptcies, tax liens, etc. However, people with bad credit history do have a chance to fix their credit score and gain better financial future. Some individuals hire professional Credit Repair advise for them to improve their credit and also understand where they have made mistakes. There are some however who prefers to do their credit repair on their own following the tips and guidelines from The Best Credit Repair Service tips provided online.  The site provides important details in finding the most reliable company to help an individual repair their credit. One thing to note, the best credit repair company will enhance the awareness of the client of the frauds made by other services and allow clients to check their own credit report. I hope a lot more people will take action into steering their life towards a more financially stress free lifestyle. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vietnamese Sandwich

Vietnamese Sandwich

Have you tried Vietnamese sandwich? I actually love this a lot more than Subway :) What I love most about the Vietnamese sandwich is that it uses pickled mixed vegetables for garnishing (similar to Philippine's achara), cilantro, and is not loaded with dressing. It is just really very simple French roll, cut lengthwise, filled with your choice of sandwich filling ( sardines or scrambled egg or veggie patty or meat ball or chicken or grilled pork or bbq-pork, etc) and garnished with vegetables, with a little bit drop of lime. My favorite filling is the lemon-grass chicken, I just have to ask them usually to give me less chicken but more pickled vegetables. Whenever I ask for more pickled vegetables, they usually give me an extra small container of vegetables :)

I do make this at home too, whenever I get a chance, since it is easy enough to make.

Baby Gates for Safety

Thanks to Erika J for this post.

I love my baby niece. She just brings so much joy in my sister's household. Each time I visit my sister's place, I feel like I am visiting a wonderland of happiness. Full of joy.
photo courtesy of Kidco Gateshop
My sister takes the right precaution for the safety of my baby niece. She uses baby gates both inside the house and in the play yard. The baby gate is used to provide a barrier to keep my niece from going to areas that may be dangerous for her, or where my sister can't keep an eye on her, while allowing my baby niece the freedom to be able to stretch, walk, or crawl on her own.

We use the baby gate in the doorways to prevent my baby niece from escaping down the hall to rooms with opened doors. It is also very good during hot days where we leave the door open to let the cool air come in while keeping my baby niece inside. There are various company that sells baby gates, but my sister and my family relied on Kidco Safety gates,where their safety gates meet government standards for safety. Kidco has just upgraded their entire line of safety gates, adding more features yet lowering the price while maintaining their high quality products. Visit their site to take a look at their products or for more information.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Double O Arch

Double O Arch, Arches National Park, Moab, UT
This is a 7.2 mile hike with so many other arches seen in the hike. For more information about hiking to Double O and Devil's Garden Trail, please go to my The Joys of Simple Life: Devil's Garden post.

Future Steel Buildings

Steel Building Library
I used to see steel buildings before simply as a garage or a simple storage house, but these days, I am seeing more steel buildings especially in public offices, parks, and schools. The practicality is obvious, Future Steel Buildings are efficient and can be prefabricated for more mobility yet very durable.Metal buildings are stronger and more durable than wooden buildings. Compared to woods, metal buildings are resistant to mice, rats, ants, termites, and also would be more hypo-allergenic and healthier since mildew and molds don't grow on metals.

There is hardly maintenance of Future steel buildings  compared to wooden buildings. Because most metal buildings are pre-engineered, they can be assembled quickly, understandably, they are popular choices for offices that are relocated oftentimes.These days, there are more designs available, and building owners do not have to worry about paying huge insurance premiums since steel buildings don't rot and a lot more durable than other types of buildings.

Dreaming of Spring

Beavertail Cactus @ Valley of Fire State Park, NV

Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.  ~Virgil A. Kraft

Protecting Your Privacy

In many areas of life, privacy is very important. I still know a lot of friends who have fear of making transactions online for fear of having their credit cards or bank account hacked. I myself had been a victim of electronic fraud, but I am just so glad my bank was very quick in finding the fraud and resolved the issue without me having to worry much. I believe it is important to place our secure transactions online to trusted businesses with established credibility. 

Likewise for business companies, it is very important for them to have data structure. When companies get involved with merging, or buying and selling, they follow a strict protocol that all confidentiality are still safe. Sometimes however, some companies with no organized structure take so much longer to verify validity of transactions that in the process, they lose the business or some privacy have been breached opening themselves to more legalities. Merrill Datasite for M&A deal provides a solution to bring offerings to the market quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Merrill Data site allows both the  buyers and sellers to move through processes safely, securely and quickly without the burdensome paper transactions that now add limitations.  Large document files are scanned and stored online then uploaded to a safe and secured electronic library.  Their secured data site allows clients to easily log in and search for the information they need.  This secured data site availability allows buyers and sellers to locate and review vital electronic information and data. The availability of secured data site also allows potential buyers around the world to search and review relevant information that would help them make important business decisions.

Since transactions take place around the world it is imperative for companies to be able to communicate in different languages. So businesses won't fall behind the worldwide competition and market, it is important for them to employ a translation company that will quickly and accurately process transactions to a diverse audience.   Successful companies need multi-language business translation services to quickly and accurately reach a diverse clientele to provide excellent customer support, marketing and product management.   

Planking, anyone?

For more about planking, please visit my planking post here.

Gaines Mail Boxes

My wife and I planned our retirement for many years.  Both of our parents were friends before we married.  One of our wedding presents from both parents was a one acre lot on a very nice lake in a start up resort area.  It was a gamble my father-in-law said if the resort would develop and provide us with a good retirement spot or maybe it would just be a place we visited to fish and camp out.  Well the investment was good and the resort flourished.  Over the years we built a dock and kept the lot up for camping, fishing, storing our marina toys, and it was our dream to build a retirement home on the lot.  With our children grown and on their own we decided to retire.  We met with a builder and planned our dream retirement home with pride.  The completion date would be very close to our last days of work.  My wife and I planned everything to the last detail except for one very important item--our mailbox.
We love Gaines MailboxesWe have one at our home now and we both knew we would have one in our retirement home.  Gaines Mailboxes offer free shipping and shipped quickly, a huge selection with a low price guarantee, Live help during business hours, My wife suggested our grown children pick our mailbox.  Our daughter loved the Classic Mailboxes.  Our daughter picked her top three Column Mount choices with specific color and accents.  Our son selected the Keystone Mailboxes.  All of the selections were excellent and so we placed all of the picks in an envelope and picked one.  With the quick shipping it will be up shortly.  Gaines Mailboxes also sells address plaques, accessories, post mount mailboxes, and wall mounts too.  I think it is time for me to fish now.  Tell me which one you would like.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Man On the Moon?

"This picture looks like a man on the moon". I often hear this reaction from friends and or family viewing this picture in our house, as this is one of the pictures hanging in our living and dining room. Anyway, this picture is taken at Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park, CA at sunrise. And obviously, this man is not in the moon, right? What very obvious observation can you describe that this man is not on the moon?


Guest post by ~JRJ~

My wife and I are raising two beautiful children--a girl and a boy.  With an active lifestyle it seems we are always shopping for children's clothing.  We have become dependent on Ladida.  It is pronounced La-di-da and for my wife and I with full schedules it has been a real joy in our lives.  With two active children going to activities, my wife and I both with full time jobs, and all of the family time we spend with our children shopping in a mall or store is not how we like to spend our free time.  When the children are in bed we can do our shopping for the children together.
My wife and I shop for our children together.  Our son loves the brand name "Del Lago" for his clothes. The variety always meets our needs.  We can even buy sportswear, outerwear, pajamas, and dress wear for our son under this designer.  The outfits are of a fine quality and the designs we feel are very nice for him to wear in a variety of activities.
Our daughter likes it when we purchase from her favorite designer Splendid.  This designer can meet all of her needs in sportswear, pajamas, outerwear, and dress wear too.  Ladidia offers free shipping undercertain conditions and their prices and quality are very reasonable.  The savings of being able to shop at home and spend more time with our children is one of the greatest values.  The quality and sharpness of colors makes us feel good about our children's clothing investment.

Pineapple Curry Rice with Turmeric

Breathe In.....one of my simple joys aside from being out hiking and boogie boarding is being in and cooking :) I cook though not from recipes because I am too lazy usually to follow the minute details in recipe. I do not measure anything when I cook, I simply cook by taste, thus most of the recipes I will share here do not have measurements at all. 
Pineapple Curry Rice With Turmeric
I started trying making pineapple curry rice since last summer when my husband's niece was with us. We were at La Jolla Shores enjoying a beautiful day at the beach boogie boarding. When we got hungry, we walked to the nearby restaurant. She ordered for herself pinapple curry fried rice and tofu steak. However, I saw her pineapple fried rice kind of greasy for my standard, and when I asked her if she likes it, she said, "yeah, only that it is swimming in grease!" Now, when you are eating out, you have no control over the ingredients. So, I told her, "I think I know how to make that, I will make you one when we get home." When we got home, I made pineapple curry rice without looking at any recipe online. I simply thought of what will go together, and I did not stir fry the rice, well, I am not really fond of frying and stir-frying, call it laziness. It was a big hit for all of us. Here is my own recipe:

Yellow Curry
Lemon Grass
Pineapple Slices
Tofu Slices (optional )
Nuts ( cashew, or almond or pistachio, or peanuts, or a mix of nuts) - also optional
salt, soy sauce and pepper to taste
Coconut Milk ( I have tried it with 2% milk instead of coconut milk and it tasted just as good for us)

Mix all the dry ingredients- rice, ginger, yellow curry, turmeric, salt, pepper, and lemon grass. Add water about the same amount how you would cook rice.

( If you are using coconut milk, you cad add half of the coconut milk into the mixture now, otherwise, if milk, wait until rice is cooked otherwise, the milk curdles.)

Cook the rice mixture in rice cooker ( if you do not have rice cooker, cook rice in pot the way you would steam your rice)

When rice is cooked, add the coconut milk, pineapple, tofu slices, and nuts. Stir. Add more salt and pepper to taste if necessary.

Serve and enjoy! Best with vegetable tofu curry which you can see in the picture above. Next time, I will share my recipe of vegetable tofu curry.

PS......I usually add ginger and turmeric to any foods, even to rice, since I have learned of the benefits of having them in our diet regularly especially for someone like me who suffers from chronic pain (migraine). Thankfully, I love ginger, and turmeric does not really have a strong taste so it can go with any foods. To learn more about ginger and turmeric benefits, click here.

Los Angeles....Here We Come

Surfing Los Angeles
Los Angeles....the city of angels..... the city of dreams. This vibrant city is a destination for most migrants across the nation and all over the world. Some visits, and they never leave.
The Los Angeles broad based economy are attracting people from all over. It's year round pleasant weather is what motivated a friend to dream about moving to Los Angeles while he was in college. For perhaps the same reasons, a lot others have also moved to Los Angeles. But moving is usually stressful if we do it all on our own. Thankfully, to lessen the stress, there are various moving companies that help family move stuff. However, with the competition in LA, it can be very tough to decide which Los Angeles moving company will provide quality, efficient and caring service to customers. Which moving company will not add more stress to moving to itself. It is always best to check the reviews, performance, record safety and insurance. It is best to compare the prices and the services they offer. It is best to contact LA movers and get a free estimate. For more helpful hints how to find hiring movers that would best serve your needs, please check out Los Angeles movers.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sports Fan

 Guest Post by ECDLJ

My husband is a basketball fan along with several of our neighbors.  We have a close neighborhood where we all get along, share time together, and my husband and his friends place small bets on many subjects.  He loves both National Basketball Association (NBA) and college football.  Primarily his overall favorite is the NBA.  I don't know anything about basketball except it makes my husband yell at the TV, during the season it is all he talks about with his friends, and it makes his friends visit more. When the basketball season ends his friends do not come around as much, and it allows me to get some chores done hehehe.  Because of his enthusiasm about the game of basketball our entire family participates with him.  My daughter knows more about the game than any of us--other than my husband who spent countless hours coaching her.  If the truth be known he loves it when she makes his favorite snacks to eat while watching the game together--and his friends.  Basketball in our family is a lot of fun and really brings everyone together.

Every year since he was a toddler--well maybe and adolescent--he has "friendly wagered" bet on games with his friends.  Throughout the season my husband and his friends make small wagers or bets between each other on each "special" weekend game.  I love the small wagers and spend time watching the games unfold over who is winning and of course who is losing. One bet this year he lost and had to mow his friends lawn while the winning friend sipped on fresh lemonade the entire time. A few weeks ago the same friend lost and my husband won so his friend pruned our rose garden while my husband enjoyed the hot tub. It has always been fun to see them discuss their bets, discuss the office pools, and watch both winners and losers lament over their outcomes.  This year the men are going to pool their money and bet with sports betting online.  They have never bet online before so they researched and found a sports betting website that explains sports betting online, ranks the best companies to use, and discusses the betting industry terminology.   I watched in amazement as these men read the sportsbook reviews.  It was fun watching them shop for the best sportsbook to place their bets.  Now, if I can get him to be this focused on some "during the NBA season" chores--well maybe my fantasy is not a good bet.

WIll I See youThis Year?

This field of CA wild poppies were just from the local hills and canyon a few miles from home. With our very dry winter this year, I wonder f I will see carpeting wildflowers this spring! Hello rain, are you coming to San Diego?

Promotional Items for Business

 ~guest post by JRJ~
I own a small business designing and installing swimming pools and a pool maintenance service.  This is a very competitive business and I depend on all the help I can to put my name in front of potential customers and special reminders to present customers to recommend my services to their friends.  I have used promotional give away products with a great return on my investment for many years.  Everyone enjoys receiving a thank you or a gift of appreciation when you spend your hard earned money on a product or service.  As a businessman I depend on producing a quality product and service and my give-away-promotional items need to meet my quality standards.  I have found Promopeddler to exceed my desires on not only quality but price as well for all of my what I call my "Continued Thank You Gifts".  They have a large variety of promotional products and I encourage you to visit their site.  This web site can provide you with fresh affordable marketing ideas.
As an idea I like and it has proved very effective is using apparel products as my "Continued Thank You Gifts" to my customers.  I have my business logo and business name on flip flops.  It compliments my business services very well.  When we install a pool or spa or a customer invests in my pool maintenance service I get their flip flop shoe sizes, birthdates without the year of birth, and every family members top four people who visit with frequency; I get their friends best guess shoe sizes.  I am also interested in each family members favorite colors too.  I know it sounds like a lot of information but I have been doing this for so long I gather most of the information with normal conversation.  Maybe your business or organization could use other than apparel products but you can see the various products at their site.  The offer many products and if you are like me ideas just flow when I read their web site.

My last "Continued Thank You Gift" is given on their two week follow up check up.  I have a candy product that I can filter my purchase by price, color, theme, and several other key filters to compliment my marketing budget.  I looked at their selections of promotional candy.  This is an extension of my business personality.  I also use it for my children's baseball and other sports events too.  One look at this site and your creative juices will start flowing without hurting your pocketbook.  Good Luck, and if you feel like celebrating some business success with a hike, check out Yosemite Valley Floor Loop Hike.

Lose Some....Win More!

~Guest Post by Chris~
Harbor Seal, La Jolla Children's Pool, San Diego, CA
 I was born a very healthy baby, everything was normal. I therefore grew up being adored by most family friends and relatives. Oftentimes, I was showered with compliments how adorable and cute I was as a little boy. Until asthma came knocking into my life.

Asthma had slowed me terribly down. I dreaded the days I find myself catching for my breathe but it seemed there was no air at all, or my lungs could just not get air. Breathing was very hard that I doubted if I would survive. Since I got bad asthma attacks, I had been in and out from the hospital. My prescription medications which are steroid based also started to blew me up. Slowly, from compliments of "oh, how cute you are, Chris!", I started to hear worries from family friends and relatives. I started to hear they asked my mom, "Chris seemed to be bloated. Is he okay?" My mom would explain my physical conditions, that I suffer from asthma, and the steroids may have blown me up huge. Big time huge!

All members of our family are in the skinny side. Somehow, if in some families, a huge little boy would be seen as cute and chubby, but in our family, a huge little boy would be seen as something is not going right, health-wise. I always had been aware of my health. I wanted to lose weight, but it seemed my asthma just came in one after another that I have no time to recuperate. I found myself getting bigger, BIGger and BIGGER!

 Then, it seemed that time went by so fast! I soon found myself no longer a huge little boy, but already a huge adolescent, and into a very HUGE young man! I became overweight. Despite the fact that somewhat my asthma attacks had already been less frequent. But it seemed I was locked there in the state of being overweight.
Double O Arch, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
I looked like the harbor seal above, scratching my head as to what had happened! Why had I gone from a cute lean little boy to a horrible HUGE young man. I felt like trapped there in the lower O of Double O Arch. Is there a way for me to climb up the upper O? Or even most past the lower O? 
I tried several diet programs to help me go back to being lean, which seemed like ages ago. First, I looked into Dieta Atkins. I lost some weight, but the diet program did not fit me well since I grew up eating mostly vegetables. After a while, I started feeling something is lacking. Then, I tried dieta Fricker, because it seemed better for me and would suit best my mostly vegetarian diet. I was enjoying the diet, but I was losing weight slowly, I became impatient. I shifted to dieta mediterranea. This has suited me perfectly, for I love fruits, vegetables and sea foods. I have learned to use olive oil and balsamic vinegar for bread instead of butter. I love it! We all know any dieting program won't work if it is not paired with healthy exercising. I slowly built my resistance by doing aerobic exercises, and soon, I found out I can get involved with enjoying our beautiful life outdoors without suffering from asthma attack. Losing weight made me gain a lot more! I gained confidence because I no longer look at myself in the mirror and wonder when I can look healthy! I look healthy! I gained so much fun from exploring our beautiful world. I no longer feel like that harbor seal in the picture above, scratching my head wondering why. Instead, I feel like these harbor seals below, as happy as I can be!
Celebrating Life's Triumphs, What a Joy!!