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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vietnamese Spicy Pho

Whenever I feel a little bit stuffy from allergies, my best natural remedy always is a spicy soup. Yesterday was one of those days where I ended the day with stuffy nose due to a sudden change in weather ( but thankfully, I did not get headache, usually, I would get both ). So, I treated myself to a hot and spicy Vietnamese pho. Super love it.
Vietnamese Spicy Pho

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Birthday Party That Every Child Wants

Kids would always be kids and celebrating their birthdays isn’t going to be like those fine dining ones like when adults celebrate theirs. Kids celebration are those with colorful balloons, party hats, dancing mascots, icing-filled cakes, parlor games wherein the celebrant’s friends will be expecting prizes which are usually sweets that are bought from a wholesale candy store. This is the usual birthday party that almost every child would want to have.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Leaves and Prayers for Leontien

Water Find Its Way In the Desert
Last May, I joined many bloggers worldwide in sending Flowers for Leontien. This October, Nancy of a Rural Journal invites us again to join in sending Leaves for Leontien. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Changes Towards Less Pain, Hopefully !

It has been almost a decade when I dumped my desktop PC in favor of laptop 100% of the time. With my laptop, I started abandoning my desk as well. :( You find me working with my laptop on the couch, in bed, in the kitchen, outside or in anyway you can think of. For years, I had that freedom to work with computer wherever and however. For after all, isn't that the convenience of laptop?

Until last Friday, I had a quick desktop set-up, again. I do not have a desktop PC anymore, so I use my laptop as my PC, just connected it to a monitor and keyboard.
My New Desktop Quick Set- up
What caused the move back to my desk? 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Leisure and Living In One

Who would not want to live in a place where in leisure can be found at a walking distance? Say for example a golf hobbyist would choose to live in an exclusive subdivision within a golf course rather than spending several minutes going there every time he wants to play. It’s just similar to a tennis player who has a tennis court in his backyard; a swimmer having a swimming pool and a basketball player having a basketball court. This is exactly how having leisure and living in one place can be pictured out.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Imperial Beach and Mexican Food

This is another "Blogger on mobile" post, allowing me to share pictures that were long saved in my cell phone but had not found their way in the world wide web yet. :)

A Child’s Right to Live a Normal Life

Parents have a big responsibility of molding a child into being a good person when they grow up. Good and responsible parenting is very challenging but unfortunately, not everyone can cope up to its demand. It is such a sad reality to see broken marriages and the children are left with no other choice but to stay in a foster care.

 Foster parenting is one of the many options taken by most people for a lot of reasons. Others are doing it to help the children and the community in general. Foster parents are supposed to give the necessary care for abused and neglected child and foster care abuse should not have a room along the process. Giving foster care to abused children is really challenging knowing that every child under foster facility has already emotional baggage from the past.

Banana Split with Rambutan, Lychee, Frozen Yogurt and Taro Bread

Rambutan and Lychee
I was deciding whether to buy both rambutan and lychee or just one of them when a Caucasian mother and son pair came to me with a bag of rambutan, asking: "Excuse me, how do you eat this?"

Change and Godaddy Domain Promo Codes

 "The only constant in this world is change. " - Isaac Asimov
I won't be talking about the philosophy of change here, but rather am simply reminiscing some happy blogging moments that went through a lot of changes. Like in this two pictures here, I wanted to take a  closer photo of those butterflies who were resting on top of those white daisies. However, as soon they probably heard my steps getting nearer, they flew away. Thankfully, I was able take them a photo flying away from me. :) Because they were gone, I shifted my attention to some other daisies, and I saw this green beetle and bee, both happily busy, though, they seemed to look a little bit cautious of me as well. Am sure, if they see me coming nearer, they too will move away!

Mapo Tofu and Pinakbet with Steamed Rice

Mapo Tofu (right) and Pinakbet (left) with Steamed Rice
Pinakbet ( or sauteed mixed vegetables ) is a popular Filipino vegetable dish with many variations depending on the region's influence. The name pinakbet originated from "pinakebbet" an Ilocano word meaning shrunk or shriveled. Most of the dishes uses bago-ong ( shrimp paste), shrimp and slices of pork meat. However, my version above used very little ground chicken.

Classy Striped Socks

CLASSIC STRIPED SOCKS  from dapperclassics.com
Time flies so fast, before I know it, it is another weekend! The holidays are getting nearer, and I am far from being done shopping for gifts for my family back home. Because I hardly have time these days to go to the mall for some shopping, I mostly browse online first for deals. My father prefers fine clothing over casual clothing, thus I am looking for dress shirts and pants, dress shoes and some  striped socks for him. When I saw the striped socks ( in the picture above) I right away knew that it is something that will make my father smile happily for these are his type of socks.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sharing Tortang Talong or Eggplant Omelette Recipe Using Mobile Blogger Apps

I recently downloaded Blogger Apps for Mobile, and this is my trial post. It is not as easy as composing the draft in a real laptop or PC, but trying to learn how to use this apps so that I can hopefully share some posts when i have no access to computer.
Tortang talong or eggplant omelette is one of my favorite vegetable dishes. It is easy to prepare. I cut the eggplant lengthwise, slit the meat using fork and roast in portable oven until the eggplant is cooked.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Enjoy Great Discounts on Godaddy Reseller Plans

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Green Mussels

Breathe in.....one of my favorite foods, green mussels!
Steamed Green Mussels with French Beans on a Bed of Lettuce and 5-cheese ravioli
I love sea foods! Perhaps this is the very reason that I can not be 100% vegetarian despite I love vegetables a lot and cannot imagine a life without vegetables and rice. I love the taste of sea foods in their own unique juice. I do not want to add any butter and cheese nor any cream which most restaurants serve. I usually do not understand why do you have to camouflage the heavenly taste of seafoods with butter, cream and cheese!  I think it is this load of butter, cream and cheese that makes eating sea foods not healthy. Green mussels are a rich source of Omega-3 and lean protein, and low in bad cholesterol and saturated fat. For more about the health benefits of green mussels, click here.

The Benefit Of Having A Self-Hosted Blog

As a blogger and a wide reader online, I’d prefer reading sites with short URL’s than rely on the bookmark button just to remember them. This is just one of the benefits of having a self hosted blog. You can easily have the same blog title with your blog’s uniform resource locator or internet address.

Starting a blog is quite easy as long you already know which niche you want to focus. If you don’t have any specific niche yet, then you can have the general one. There are several platforms that offer easy-to-set up websites and most of them are tempting to have. However, having a self-hosted one would be worth it in the long run because you won’t be tied up with them forever.

If you’re on a tight budget, you wait for promos like the one being offered by of the most famous internet domain registrar and web hosting company, GoDaddy. They also offer Godaddy Hosting Promo Codes along with several first time registration. After a year or two, you could wait for another set of Godaddy hosting renewal promo code to keep your website or blog operational.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ensuring Safe Driving At All Times

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pep Boys for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Driving is considered to be a skill that needs proper training because anything wrong with it can take away one’s precious life. When it comes to daylight driving, lighting is of less importance because you can see everything around; however driving at low light conditions such as during the night or extreme foggy days is another story. This is a scenario wherein the presence of headlight restoration kit is of great importance. Ensuring its presence in your car is already considered a need rather than a mere accessory.

Tofu and Eggplant with Seaweed

Tofu and Eggplant with Seaweed

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Realizing The Orchard Dream

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I can still remember those days when we were travelling and on the side of the road I would be able to see a lot of fruit bearing trees and vines. I said to myself that someday I’d be able to grow some in my very own backyard.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Who Is the Bravest?

Is it my cousin,
or these three guys,

The Amazing Way to Market Your Business

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Cassava Suman

Cassava suman or cassava wrapped in banana leaves.
Cassava suman is one of my favorite filipino snacks. I remember, when I was still a kid, everytime my birthday gets near, my late loving mother would ask me what would I want for my birthday. We were not rich to afford huge birthday parties, but each birthday, my mom and my family made me feel so special by preparing the foods I love, and also, by depositing money into my own personal bank account ( my mom taught me the value of savings since I probably started to do my first Arithmetic operation). 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shop like a Star at Century 21

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Traveling and shopping are two of the activities that most people would love to indulge especially if they are fortunate enough to have the time and resources. When it comes to shopping, one place always stands out and that is the Century 21 in NYC. This thought made me so excited to visit the big apple for I can’t wait to shop for my favorite clothing brand at C21.
OLIVIA.JPG (2 documents, 2 total pages)

Tired and Wordless, But Happy :)

Happy Friday, all!

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Tennis Musings

Daniela and Who?, Pacific Life Open, Indian Wells, CA
One of the events in Southern California that I always would not want to miss going to is the tennis event in Indian Wells, CA.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Luxury of a Peaceful Life

 Clouds parading against blue skies and the gentle to and from movement of fluid of the same hue below it; the caress of cold air against one's nape and the feel of sand on one's feet; the taste of  the natural sweetness of fruit juice on the lips and the scent of flowers in the air and the voice of someone nearest to our heart makes one think of one phrase- "heaven on earth"...a luxury that every human being on Earth deserves but can not sometimes afford like Luxury waterfront condominiums in Miami  with all its world-class amenities. 

Lake Sabrina, Bishop Creek Canyon

Lake Sabrina is located in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Bishop Creek Canyon, California. This is a high elevation lake at 9,138 ft.

Calgary Real Estate

Panorama of Calgary, Alberta, Canada , photo from Wikepedia Commons

Calgary is such a beautiful city,  in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is the largest city in Alberta and the 3rd largest in Canada. Jobs abound, thus, a lot of people are moving into the city. Aside from jobs, Calgary is a haven for outdoor lovers, being near Canadian Rockies.  Looking for a place to rent or stay can be so much hassle sometimes if we do not know where to start. Calgary real estate are divided into regions, thus allowing you to focus on certain area near your place of choice.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Securing Your Online Identity

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LifeLock Twitter for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.  - Rovs 

With the recent development in technology, more individuals have found comfort in doing things online. Banking, loan applications, business operations are some of the important and critical online transactions that most people are doing every single day. With this development, criminals have also modernized their ways of stealing from other people – stealing other people’s identity to be able to infiltrate their bank accounts and control their online life.