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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why I Could Rough It Out?

~I wrote this some time 2007 for my Friendster blog back in the old days. Friendster is extinct now. However, before they disappear into blogosphere, I was able to save some of my written posts. Story and pictures here were all from 2007 summer escapade. ~

I was not very interested with camping before, despite my love for the outdoors and nature. I find setting up a tent and sleeping on a thin cushion provided by sleeping bag too rough, I was simply afraid I wont be able to sleep and the greatest physical enemy of my body is heat and sleep. If I don't get enough sleep, I would suffer from terrible throbbing headache. Thus, I skipped going to places where there are no hotels to stay, despite how beautiful would that place probably. Also, I always say no to a hike which would require me to really backpack, since it would mean I would have to carry so much weight such as tent, sleeping bag, foods, etc. I always chose a hike which can be done for a day, where we could always go back to our car and drive home, or drive to a hotel. But these fear to camp has been conquered (or is it really?). What gives?
Highway in Colorado
When we drove past Colorado from Illinois, I couldn't helped it but be awed by the beauty of the layering mountains, rocky but forestal in nature, quite striking opposites. My feet itched wanting to stop and to hike to be closer to the beauty I was just looking from the inside of the car. My hubby asked me if I wanted to detour (we were trying to get to Utah). We could not, because we had reservation at Bryce and we have to cancel the reservation at least 2 days before the check-in date. Because of advanced lodging reservations, we decided to drive as close to Utah as possible, drive while there was still light. We stopped over at Georgetown, Colorado for some dinner. At the restaurant, we asked if what is the safest distance we can drive before Moab which would still have some civilization. We didn't want to really drive in the middle of nowhere. We were told we could drive up to Grand Junction, and then there is still one more small town after Grand Junction, but after that, it will just be nothing to Moab, no services.
Colorado National Monument, Grand Junction, Colorado
I set our GPS to navigate us to Grand Junction, setting the volume as high as it could, afraid we would miss hearings its instruction. We got to Grand Junction about 8:30 pm, it was already dark. We thought since it is in the middle of nowhere, finding a hotel/inn was easy, but no. We first checked Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites since we like the comfort and service for a reasonable price, unfortunately, there was no room available. Then, we moved to Marriott, Hawthorne Suites, Best Western, Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, all of them had no rooms available. It was past 9:00 pm already, and we didnt have any hotel to sleep at, and we were very tired too. Finally, the only one left that we haven't asked yet was Super 8 Motel. We decided to try despite doubting the comfort level of our sleep. When I asked if they have available room, I was surprised with the reply, "only smoking room available". So, okay, we had no choice but to check in a smoking room, as we were checking in, the front desk told us, "should you find the room stink with cigarette smoke, feel free to move out, we could give you a refund." Great, as if we had a choice. Thankfully, (maybe the previous guest were like us too, non-smokers but roomless ), the room didn't really stink with cigarette smoke. But one thing I've observed, if all rooms were fully booked, there was always a campsite in most exits from the freeway that we passed by.
Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Natural Beauty Enhanced with Tree Hut

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tree Hut. All opinions are 100% mine. - Zenserly

     I am all smiles here after seeing the new hairdo of a friend all ready for the joys of summer! Sunshine in the garden, even peeping through windows of the house is awesome to see! and I am sure most everyone can not wait for a weekend Getaway! I would love several days walking along the beach and playing with the blue water and sand. Those hours require the best skin protection to maintain our beauty, thanks to Tree Hut, the first step to natural beauty we could keep our feet and hands feeling smooth and silky. Tree Hut offers the best foot cream, hand cream and foot scrub.

 photo treehutfoot-GoogleSearch_zpsdd84afd4.jpg

Their hand cream is made from all natural aloe vera with shea butter therefore having anti-aging and moisturizing properties. These hands which work all day deserve the non-greasy paraben free beauty enhancement. The Tree Hut foot cream is what I love to use on my feet over and over as gee embarrassing to admit but my feet need moisturizing from rose oil and argan oil ASAP. The all natural sugar and peppermint oil in their foot scrub entices me too. 

my red toes and feet that need Tree Hut pampering :D

Their natural product ingredients used as first step to beauty is what sets them apart from other products and most certainly what I love most too being the type who has sensitive skin. 

my summer outfit created on polyvore.com
    I have always loved to be a superhero so for summer I would love to be wearing a superman tie front top matched with piper crop pant, white brown sandals perfect for walking along the beaches and of course with  a matching superman logo hinge wallet! My red toenails would have to be looking perfect on my Tree Hut moisturized feet and my legs below my jean hugged thighs all soft and silky as well as my arms clinging to the wallet as I explore the beaches! Are you ready for summer? Get one step ahead by:
1. like Tree Hut on Facebook
2. Follow Tree Hut on Twitter.
I just did! Tree Hut products are available at Walmart stores nationwide. I can't wait to dig my soft skin on sand! 

~ Zenserly ~
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Buy Apple Cider from Vermont Apple Cider Mills

      It is a refreshing but somehow a different sensation when one's thirst is quenched with a healthy beverage. Nowadays, it is satisfying to know that when one wants to buy apple cider products, he is not limited only to the liquid extract of the fruit. Vermont apple cider items come in a wide range of forms and combinations that one can avail of through their website.

     Cider is a drink made from newly hard-pressed apples. It is not sweet and does not contain any amount of alcohol. Since this mild fluid is unfiltered, the tiny bits and pieces of apples cause it to appear dull and without luster. It is more flavorful than the apple juices that have gone through the filtering process.

     It is not costly to manufacture this product. This item is produced during the months when the fruit is abundant and is usually available only during the season between simmer and winter which is fall. The length of time that this item for consumption can be kept before it loses its flavor is brief. This is the reason why some dealers freeze the merchandise so it can be made available all year long.

     There are different ways of enjoying this liquid. One can drink and serve it hot. Since this non-alcoholic drink is popular during the fall season, mulled cider is made warm to a degree just before its boiling point. One can spice it up by putting some orange peelings, cloves, nutmeg cinnamon and so much more.

Golden Deli Restaurant

Golden Deli is a very popular restaurant in San Gabriel, part of Los Angeles Metro. This is the restaurant of choice always of my in laws whenever they are in LA to visit my MIL. Here's what I had from Golden Deli 2 weekends ago when we were in LA.

Shrimp Paste, Pork Chop in Lemon Grass, and Egg Roll

It's Arby's Time

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arby's. All opinions are 100% mine.
Arby's is the second largest fast-service sandwich chain in the US with more than 3,400 restaurants famously known for their classic roast beef sandwich. And that is what this post is about, to share the excitement of Arby's new product, a twist to their beloved classic Roast Beef sandwich. For a limited time only, Arby’s is partnering with the iconic KING’S HAWAIIAN brand to introduce two irresistible new sandwiches to their menu, the KING’S HAWAIIAN Roast Beef and KING’S HAWAIIAN Roast Beef & Swiss.
One bite of this delicious new flavor combination and customers will experience Roast Beef Paradise, or as Arby’s calls it; Roast-Beef-atopia!
Served hot, and made fresh to order, there are TWO new KING’S HAWAIIAN sandwiches to choose from:
- Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN roast beef sandwich comes with an extra helping of freshly sliced roast beef, piled high on a soft and slightly sweet KING’S HAWAIIAN bun
- Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN Roast Beef & Swiss sandwich has the same extra helping of roast beef and KING’S HAWAIIAN bun, topped with Swiss cheese, crunchy pickles and creamy Dijon spread
To celebrate this unique partnership, Arby’s is hosting a Hawaiian Getaway sweepstakes to offer customers the chance to surf in paradise! The grand prize winner will receive a round trip for two with four nights stay in Honolulu, HI. Plus a premium group lesson at one of the island’s premier surf schools, Hawaiian Fire.

Hawaii, here we come? Surfing, we could conquer? All that would be possible if you join the sweepstakes. For more details and to enter the sweepstakes visit Arby’s Hawaiian Getaway Sweepstakes from April 29 – May 26.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Red Ribbon's Arroz Caldo and Palabok

One of my weaknesses is stopping by Mira Mesa on my way home to indulge in my comfort foods. One of those I love to have at Red Ribbon in Mira Mesa is arroz caldo and palabok combo.

Arroz Caldo and Palabok Combo at Red Ribbon
Arroz Caldo means rice soup. The soup uses chicken broth garnished with green onions, fried garlic and shiitake mushrooms. After having this light meal, I bring home some chicken empanada from Red Ribbon.

Essential Tips For Starting A Catering Business

If you love to host dinner parties for your family and friends, and you’re up to date with the latest food trends, why not add a little entrepreneurial spirit and start your own catering business! With start-up businesses like these, overheads are small, and the more clients that you interest with your impressive catering, the more people you can hire to expand your business.

It’s all about finding your food service niche in the world of catering, and just like any other business, you’ll need real passion and interest in order to get things swiftly off the ground. Here are some of the best ways to kick-start your catering business, from ingredients and dishes to supplies and clients.

What Food Interests You?

In order to run a successful catering business, you’re going to need an element of fun in your day to day activities, and that means cooking with the foods you love! Although there are many different styles of cooking, you should at first stick to the methods that you’re best at; once you’re able to provide a basic and well-oiled catering service, you can then expand your food creation techniques.

Take lunch food for example. A large part of a catering service work is supplying food for business lunches, whether you’ve been called to a client’s home or you’re setting up inside an office. Sandwiches, tarts, salads and quiches are some of the easiest foods to make, and if you do a good job, word will quickly spread of your cuisine achievements. From these simple luncheons, you should have no problem expanding to school functions, award ceremonies, and even take away foods for trips.

Some people love baking deserts, and this type of food can also be incorporated into your catering service. Sometimes, a salad or a quick snack just won’t cut the mustard, and you want something sweet and refreshing to complement your lunch. By baking a few tasty treats and taking them along with you, you’ll not only expand your menu, but also your client base!

Securing Space and Supplies

If you’re looking to take your catering business from your kitchen out into the big wide world of business lunches and dinners, you’re going to need your own space to secure your supplies. Furthermore, there are some regulations that stop people from operating food businesses from their own home, meaning you’ll need to rent your own space anyway.

Storing your catering equipment is important when starting up a business, and thankfully there are a number of options to take advantage of.  Some of the commercial kitchens come with extra storage space to rent, and if you’re looking to run a full time catering company, then having your equipment near to your kitchen is a great idea. If you’re making food every other weekend however, it would probably be cheaper to store your bits and pieces a little closer to home, whether it’s in a trailer attached to your car, or even in your garage.

There are also commercial kitchens to rent, and you can either make use of these spaces for hours or days at a time. If your catering business is a project on the side, and you only work weekends for example, then a commercial kitchen is a great way to keep the hassle of making large amounts of food out of your family kitchen.
About the author:

David is a fan of catering and cooking in particular. David spends his evenings looking at the latest recipes and spends his weekends transforming the recipes into finished products.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Update on My First Resolve

A week ago, I shared here my first resolve in losing weight. My first resolve was simply to reduce my meal portions instead of eating excessively. Because I gained 15 lbs in a matter of 6 months, where most of them were around my belly, I decided to take full control of my health and fitness before it gets TOO HARD to turn back.

I did not go through special diet plan, nor limit myself with any type of food. I always believe in a balance of everything. Instead, I still eat the same thing, just controlled my portions. I still have rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I still have snacks in between meals if I feel hungry, only if I really am hungry.

You may think I am not including exercise in my health plan, that is because I am already exercising regularly, not so much for weight loss, but to keep my fitness level to be able to enjoy hiking and climbing until I am very old and gray. However, I added sideward leg kicks as high as I could, and more bending stretches for my belly.

The result?

In one week, I lost 3 pounds, and I believe most of the weight lost were around my waist. I am happy to note that my suffering each time I wear my pants and skirts are less now. Before, it was so hard to zip my pants/jeans. I am committed not to buy bigger size clothing, I love my old clothes! Here are samples of what my meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) look now. I only ate one plate each meal now, and not several plates of mountainful servings like before.

 DINNER - eggplant omelette, adobong kangkong ( ong choy sauteed in spicy vinegar and soy sauce) and veggie rice

LUNCH - veggie rice, veggies and small slice of lean chicken steak ( chicken frita  )

BREAKFAST - rice, grilled portabella mushrooms, and rotiserrie chicken
DESERT and SNACKS ( fruits and veggie salad, yes, I put rice in my salad sometimes, I am such a rice person and I do not think I can survive and go hiking without my rice! Haha! ) 

Not in picture for my other snacks: almond, sunflower seeds, seaweed ( Or whatever I feel like eating )

Happy in the Island of Aruba

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Aruba Tourism Authority . All opinions are 100% mine. - Zenserly

me, spending one afternoon by the beach 
          I love the beach! It is the only place where I feel I could soar high and reach the clouds! The sand hugging my toes and the water splashing on my body is therapy like no other. I could not think of any other place I would love to be when I finally have all the time in the world than where I could watch the sky change colors and where sunshine could lovingly caress my skin and re-vitalize me. With whom will I want to be with?- my one great love of course who also embraces anything with adventure spelled in it. 
     It would be great to go on a second honey-moon in one happy Island that's Aruba!
Why Aruba?- the sunshine lover in me would surely have a blast in Aruba which has the most of sunny days of any island in the Caribbean.
I can almost picture myself fully immersed in the incredible nature preserve and largest national park in the Caribbean which is Arikok National Park. Now if only I knew how to swim I'd go diving and exploring deep in the waters of Aruba too! Add windsurfing, kitesurfing and horse-back riding to my lists of activities to try and sunset watching beside my soul-mate every day of our stay in the Happy Island of Aruba. Gee I need to save a lot of time in a bottle to fulfill my plans! ..and yes money too but learning of deals at Aruba travel site I think one day we could be there! There are great offers like "one happy family," "one happy honeymoon," and other packages that could accommodate kids and adults alike.
The "No-Kidding" package in Aruba I think is a sure thing to reignite lost passion for married couples.  The Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival sounds awesome too for melody lovers like us! I could picture myself swaying with the music and being able to run along the beach free of worry and tension and everything else that are at times unavoidable in adult life. All these and more when you check out aruba.com and discover for yourself Aruba, One Happy Island; tell me later why you too would love love love to visit Aruba in the comment box. 
     For me, it definitely is the awesome stretch of beach and sand and the romantic sunsets that drives my mind to Aruba! 


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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Are Mussels and other Shellfish Really Unhealthy?

I love mussels. I know, mussels are one of the shell foods that got a bad reputation for their cholesterol content. However, are the cholesterol in mussels the bad kind that are bad for your health? It may surprise a lot who had been avoiding mussels, crabs and shrimps thinking they are high cholesterol food, that the answer is: NO! (References: 1.Yale-New Haven Nutrition, 2.American Heart Association, 3.University of Washington Medicine,   Read more here: http://www.livestrong.com/article/108127-cholesterol-seafood/#ixzz2SwPk5xZ0 )

Simply Steamed Mussels in Fresh Ginger
Yes, they do contain significant amount of cholesterol, but they are the type which has been found from scientific research to increase the HDL ( the good cholesterol, that prevents you from getting blood clots) and lowers the LDL ( the bad cholesterol that gives you those fatty deposits in your arteries). In short, the cholesterol content these shell fish have increases your good soldiers while decreasing your body's enemies. Not all cholesterol are born equal, and the cholesterol content in mussels and other shell fish are not the evil ones like what you find in animal saturated fats and trans fats. If eaten in moderation, mussels are healthy foods in one's plate.

Aside from increasing the good soldiers and fighting off the evil fats, mussels are rich in protein, iron, Vitamin C, calcium, zinc, Vitamin B12, and other essential minerals.

However, some people prepare their mussels with a lot of butter, a lot of cream, a lot of cheese, which all those excessive heaping of butter, full cream and cheese would make a serving already not so healthy. Sometimes I wonder why people add all those to to heavenly tasting sea foods that I could hardly enjoy their natural taste. I love my sea foods prepared in simplest way.

Here is how I usually eat my mussels. It may sound boring to some, since I do not put even salt. But for me, mussels are from the sea and thus have natural saltiness, why do I add more salt?

Fresh Tomatoes
Transparent Noodle
Plainly Blanched Vegetables
I put them all in one plate, then squeezed lemon over the dish
Here is how it look after mixing
And yes, I eat them without adding any salt at all, somehow, the mix of mussels and lemon juice makes the taste good enough for me. However, anyone can always add a dash of salt (or soy sauce) and pepper for their taste. Just that, I belong to a group of people who really have a bland taste, that is why I do not really enjoy eating out, because I find the food always too salty for my taste. I usually eat out to sample new meal or new dish, then, I guess what are the ingredients, and then, I cook them at home at my own taste, meaning, with much reduced oil, and seasoning. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

It's So Quiet I Can Dance

It was one chilly Sunday morning. The chilly air probably sent most of the beach goers indoors. I enjoy this moment each time the beach becomes uncrowded. It makes me feel I am rich, because it felt like I had the beach all to myself. I could sing to the top of my lungs, I could dance without care, and jump freely to simply celebrate this wonderful life. Other people would spend a lot of money for a quiet beach get-away like this, whereas, I only had to walk on this beach on a cold day to feel like I own the beach, haha!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

First Resolve on Losing Weight

In my previous post, I shared about my realization that the good old days of eating like there is no tomorrow no longer holds true for me. After months of denial, I now have come to an acceptance of changing my eating habits as I gained 15 lbs of weight in 6 months. Before, I was not too bothered with weight gain since it seems the weight were evenly distributed and skipped my belly.  Plus, I easily lose them if I wanted to, especially after a weekend of strenuous hiking. These days, it seemed most of the weight gained were directed only to the cells around the waist, and the weight gain seems to be not only sticking with me til forever, it keeps on gaining more. 

My first resolve is to reduce portions of the food that I eat. I do not believe in restrictive dieting since I look more into a healthy eating lifestyle that I could live with forever. Since I grew up in a diet that  is mostly vegetables and fruits, I know I need to work on my meal portion. I will also try to be mindful of the calories I ate, instead of restricting my diet to not eat some foods. Please do not tell me not to eat rice, as I frankly get sick and weak if I could not eat rice for several days, the very reason why I always bring rice cooker in our out of town vacations. 

Since I exercise every other day (brisk wallking + running) not really to lose weight but to keep my strength and resistance to pursue my hobbies ( hiking and boogie boarding) , and we go hiking every weekend (where our hikes are probably equivalent to a week of exercise for most people), I believe my weight gain is really more because of excessive meal portion and midnight snacking. Excessive meal portion and midnight snacking had been my practice for YEARS. However, getting older, our metabolism changes, and the years of abuse I did in my belly ( stretching it to its limits each time I ate) seems could not go on forever.

I used to say before:
INPUT = OUTPUT ( I can eat all I want, I won't gain weight )

which now, is sadly NO LONGER TRUE!!
To remind myself, I typed in my "NOTE" my first resolve, and it is now my cell phone home screen and screensaver. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Left over Rice and Veggie Congee

What do I do when we have left over rice and vegetables? I make a mix rice and veggie with lemon juice to make a thick congee. We love it.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From Denial To Acceptance

I looked at the mirror, I told myself: "you are okay, Elizabeth! You are not fat, and did not look like you gained weight at all."

I stepped on the scale, it shows I am 10 lbs heavier than the last time I told myself I should lose the 5 lbs I gained from Philippines vacation. Meaning, I even gained 10 lbs more, which made it gain of 15 lbs total for the past 6 months. I asked myself, "where did all the extra 15 lbs go? Maybe the mirror is CORRECT and the scale is WRONG?"

I looked at my most recent pictures, I could see where the weight went, it is kind of depressing, but I deny it!

I put on my pants, my jeans, all of them tell me the same thing: "STOP DENYING! ALL THE WEIGHT YOU GAINED ARE IN YOUR BELLY! YOUR PICTURES TELL IT PERFECTLY!!!! "

Oh my, I never had that problem before. When I gained weight before, I took pride the weight were all over my body but not my belly, I took pride of flat stomach! Now, it is a different story! The reality of getting older.

~ with age, comes more happily filled cells around the belly~

My commitment to myself: lose those pounds around the belly and bring my weight to where it was 6 months ago. I need mental strength and determination to accept that my metabolism is not the same anymore. Despite all my physical activities, I need to remind myself now that I could no longer continue eating like there is no tomorrow, as if the world will run out of food soon. It is about time I should listen to my stomach, not my over excited appetite. It is a mental and emotional battle, but I commit to fight it so I could continue climbing mountains with lighter weight to carry.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gardening with Mom

" This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine. "
~ Zenserly/Kulasa~

Once a mom, always a mom. No matter how grown the kids are, they will always be your precious babies in your eyes. ~unknown~
     My mom sent me those words via one of those reliable mobile applications that keep us close from across the miles. Her being in CA has not stopped us from being close and doing things together. With spring in the air she has once again inspired me to plant. I laughed seeing her video of the backyard at her new place and seeing how much the surroundings seem akin to home because of her touch. 

my mom among blooms

Monday, May 6, 2013

Stay with iPhone or Note 2?

Hmmm, I am confused, should I stay with iPhone or be a Note 2 convert? Hubby recently gave up his iPhone despite often mistaken as an Apple Loyalist for he had been using iPhone since it first came out in the market, and he also uses iPad. However, the size of Note 2 finally attracted him. The screen is big enough not too cause so much strain surfing. The keyboard big enough not to cause too many typo from letters too close to each other like in iPhone. Yet, it is still small enough to fit his pocket. What I love most about Note 2 that iPhone does not have is the "Burst" feature in camera. The picture below was taken by his Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
At first, he tried taking picture with a point and shoot camera per request of my SIL, however, it was so hard to capture the action with point and shoot since they could not stay long in the air for the kind of jump was difficult. We were supposed to do rotating jumps, but I could not jump that way at all, so I chose to simply be the "power" in the picture. Anyway, before we all gave up of not having the picture taken, hubby said: " wait, I know my cell phone can do it!" Indeed, Note 2 was able to take a series of shots of this jump, starting from the moment they were about to jump until they were back, because of the "BURST Mode". Now, I do not always have to carry my dslr to capture birds in flight.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Joy Of Being At Home

mix of fog and sun, view from our bedroom window @ sunrise
 Home is where the heart is, where all inspiration begins, from sunrise to sundown.
 colors of the sky @ sunset, looking up @ the sky from the front yard

Home is the place where we find comfort, good food and warmth, strength, support, fun, and most of all, UNCONDITIONAL love.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wildflowers at Torrey Pines

These were some of the wildflowers we saw at Torrey Pines during our hike last weekend. There were not a lot, but still enough to bring smiles and warm hearts.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Before and After

I and hubby prefer our food unseasoned when we cooked, and we just add our choice of seasoning right before eating. We observed that by doing that, we actually taste more with very much less seasoning. Below is a picture of our dinner before adding any seasoning. 
Transparent Noodle, Green Veggies and Grilled Veggie Burger (before mixing )

For this dish, I preferred to add a little bit soy sauce on my plate, few drops of lemon, and chili sauce. Below was a picture of how it looked after adding very little soy sauce, lemon and chili sauce.
What can I say? I simply love it! :) Both I and hubby have very simple taste. We prefer thin dishes over fatty and creamy ones. Somehow, our taste buds agree so well with the healthier needs of our body.

Talking about simple taste, that is the very reason why we dine in most of the time. In fact, we even bring our own little kitchen whenever we take vacation since I could not survive eating outside foods for several days. I could eat out one or two meals, but if eating out would be all the time, I get sick and there is no way we could keep our physically demanding adventure trips. What's in my little kitchen? The list includes very tiny rice cooker, utility knife, very small salt and pepper canister, spoon and forks. Most of them were mostly gifts given to us and they were the most used gifts we had. Utility knives are very ideal for travel considering its portability, sharpness and size. If you are looking for some ideas where and what kind of utility knives to get, visit MartorUSA.com for utility knives.