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Monday, March 7, 2016

Having Faith Can Be Good For Your Health


Why are we so invested in the future rather than thinking about right now? Not just the future of our lives but what happens when our time has passed. What makes people head to church on Sunday morning or down to the mosque? Where is the reason behind people reading horoscopes or having their fortunes told? Why do we place so much faith in powers unknown?

Psychologists have studied this part of society for some time and they believe they know the answer. This type of faith is important to your health. We spend so much time thinking about the health of our bodies that we often forget about the health of your minds. Reassuring ourselves that the future is bright, even after death does play a part here. Before we get into why, let’s take a trip through history.

Psychics and readings have been a part of society since the dark ages. They have always existed and still do to this day, if you seek them out. Now they are seen as nothing more than parlour tricks. Whether that’s true isn’t the point. By gaining knowledge of the meaning behind your life, it can help you lay out a positive path. Many people approach going to see a psychic the wrong way. They get a reading and then change their life based on the message. Instead, they should allow life to take it’s natural course. But no matter what choice they take, the reading has still had a positive effect. It gives them a sense of purpose.

While psychics may have fallen in numbers, horoscopes are just as popular as ever. Horoscope readings are based on the time you were born and the position of the planets. You can claim that this doesn’t have an impact on events in your life. But again, that would be missing the point. Getting a free horoscope could provide you comfort when your current outlook on life is quite bleak. It can show you things are going to get better.

Another example would be a chinese fortune cookie. There’s no evidence to suggest that fortune cookies are anything more than random message. But the message can still be exactly what you need. The mere possibility that a higher power is guiding your path could be enough to give you hope.

If we look at the controversial topic of religion, the situation is the same. Why do people pray? They pray because they believe a higher power hears them and helps. In a world where tragedy and horrors are all too apparent believing a higher power can help is something that get’s people through. In this way, it too, can be beneficial to the health. Again, the truth behind the actions are of little consequence. Belief as we have seen through history is powerful in both positive and negative ways. If you believe your prayers are answered there will be a positive effect on your mental health.

It’s the same reason that people care what happens to their bodies after they die. Even atheists want their ashes scattered or their bodies buried. They want this because they have to believe that what happens, matters. All of us are bound by the same tides of life and faith. Without faith in something, anything, life becomes meaningless. That is why it is of profound importance to your health. 

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